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Columbus Blue Jackets captain Nick Foligno had a fantastic season on the ice. He led his team to achieving a franchise-best season of 108 points this season, but his reputation off the ice far surpasses what he puts out there on it. It’s no surprise that Foligno took home not one- but two- awards for his dedication to the city of Columbus and his team. Nick Foligno was honored at the NHL Humanitarian Awards this afternoon and was given the Mark Messier Award as well as the King Clancy Memorial Trophy.

“Lost on the slots and the card table, but I’m winning here,” Said Foligno when taking the stage.

The Mark Messier Award is highly coveted every year and it is given “to the player who exemplifies great leadership qualities to his team, on and off the ice, during the regular season.” This award is hand picked by NHL legend Mark Messier himself, making it even more special. He’s in the company of many other NHL greats such as Shea Weber (NSH, 2016), Jonathan Toews (CHI,2015) and Sidney Crosby (PIT,2010).

The King Clancy Memorial Trophy is given to the “player who best exemplifies leadership on and off the ice and who has made a noteworthy humanitarian contribution to his community.” Noteworthy humanitarian contributions is an understatement for all that Nick Foligno has done. His family has donated $1 million to both the Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital. On top of all of this, Foligno has started a charity of his own called the Janis Foligno Foundation in honor of his mother who passed away from cancer in 2009. 

Nick Foligno understands that being a leader in the NHL means much more than just wearing a ‘C’ on his jersey.  “It’s a huge privilege to be an NHL captain…You don’t really understand what it means to be a leader until you become a parent,” said Foligno. He isn’t just a leader on the ice and that’s very obvious. Taking inspiration from all aspect of his life is really what sets him apart the most.



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