Minor League hockey is my Valentine this year. The players wear their hearts on their sleeve and they fight for you every shift. This hockey weekend meant two games back to back for me and as such I usually follow my rule of skirt and boots for one night and pants and heels the next. I was very tempted to change it up and wear another skirt but the allure of being comfy in a pair of stylish jeans and my favourite set of game day heels won my heart, especially after feeling a bit blue all day long.

I have a little secret to my style, I figure I should open my heart to you. I work with an amazing stylist at Nordstrom. Yes I have a personal shopper because I hate, hate browsing and because my picky side gets the better of me every time. With my stylist, she pulls a bunch of items based on what I’ve asked her for and she fills my dressing room with things I may love, things I might hate and things I may question. On more than one occasion, she has gotten me out of my box and brought a whole new look to my wardrobe. I recently went to her with the specific purpose of updating my gameday look. I came away with a go-to jacket and some nice tops that can easily slide into a night on the town after covering the hockey game. That is a W in my book.

My Hockey Valentines Day Look


 Jeans: Paige Denim ( I am a big fan of the painted denim, they give you a professional look but easily move into a “late-night” look, these are the Verdugo cut)

 Top: Forever 21 (two of their must-have camis layered, I’ve talked before about these tanks in every color being a must for your wardrobe)

Jacket: TopShop (my stylist picked this one for me, it’s got a great cut and has become my go-to)
Shoes  Banana Republic (these shoes are unbelievably comfortable without sacrificing a wicked heel)

A West Coast girl, born and raised in the Bay Area in the most non-traditional Hockey Market you could imagine for a long time... When the Sharks came to town it changed the Bay Area hockey landscape forever. Her first love will always be the Red Wings but she has embraced the Sharks since their debut in 1991. She has a passion for minor league grind-it-out-in the-corners hockey. Her heart broke when the ECHL Bulls folded , but luckily the Stockton Thunder are still close enough for her to get her gritty-hockey fix. Besides watching hockey, she is an American Tribal Style belly-dancer and trolls the blue-line, playing defence in a local rec hockey league... A somehow strange but balanced juxtaposition.



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