It’s been a long few weeks since there has been a home game for the Arizona Coyotes, but we’re finally here again and the outfit choices were endless (due to some unnecessary shopping sprees). I would say that I’ve been thinking about this day since the last home game on January 15th, but honestly I haven’t had time for that (the Super Bowl kept me busy).

I like to refer to myself as a “haute mess” (still chic but, you know, still chaotic). This is especially my life motto when I have a day full of classes and I’m still not caught up on sleep from the week before. Thank goodness for Kombucha and the leftover curry that I snacked on for dinner. So as per usual, my hair is the mess and my outfit was ultimately put together in the car (I had tights on and a leather jacket on when I left).

I fell in love with this skirt before it was even in stores, and so I had to have it for the game tonight. When I saw it in the Spring catalogue for J.Crew, I knew that it would be in my closet the second it hit stores…I can just say that I’m proud of myself for waiting 9 days before I drove home with it.

Of course I always put myself in the predicament of having one piece in mind that I have to wear, and then not knowing what to wear with it. This happens to me every single time because I imagine an outfit that ends up looking like I stepped off the crazy train. Let’s just say that the bright blue sweater I thought would be fab made me look more “5 year old school girl who doesn’t know how to dress herself” than I intended upon.

50 shirts after my first idea (which I tried in several different forms) I stuck with the shirt that they have it paired with in the catalogue, and this is probably what I should have done initially. Of course I make things hard on myself when I’m in a rush. So simplicity just wasn’t on my side because, life….

Anyways, I thought that I needed a change from my normal leather jacket, and this white blazer I had on a hanger laid out all nice in my trunk (which is an anomaly) seemed like a good option. I think I look a little Easter-y, but it looks good so all is good.

My shoes are officially bad luck. Four overtime games when I’ve worn them. We’ve gone 2-for-4.

Press Level Fashion Tip: If you can wear tights under a skirt or a dress, do it. Unfortunately tonight the tights were not on my side and my already too-big shoes just weren’t having it. Sliding around even more with my aching feet just seemed like a miserable combination. Obviously, you want to look professional, and girls have it hard, but tights really do help regulate some heat in your legs.



Shirt: J.Crew

Skirt: J.Crew

Blazer: Forever 21

Shoes: Forever 21

Necklace: J.Crew




Like my crazy face?

Sports and fashion are Allison's true passions. She grew up in the household of a professional athlete, and a family blessed with true athletic talent. She, on the other hand, must have been absent on the day that sport skills were passed out! Although, she does possess a zeal that most girls do not have for sports of all kinds, hockey has consumed her life in the most unexplainable way. Sports are such an integral part of who she is, and she is on journey of becoming a part of a professional sports organization. Growing up minutes from the Las Vegas Strip didn't leave Allison with many options for being a sports fan.Spending the majority of her summers on the East Coast, Allison became a fan of all things Boston, and her heart will always have a special place for the city (especially the Bruins). Allison currently is an employee of the Arizona Coyotes and falls more in love with the game each and every day. You can follow Allison on Twitter: @Alli_Galllagher and you can contact her by Email:



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