It’s my last game for a couple of weeks (which I’m completely upset about), as I’m going home for Christmas break, and I’ve basically packed up my entire wardrobe, so the only outfit I left out was what I’m wearing tonight.

I’ve had four full days since a game, therefore I’ve had some time to think about an outfit (when I wasn’t stressing about finals and presentations).

Tonight, I decided that I was going to be nice and warm, and somehow wear my favorite Topshop dress. I’ve had this dress for like ever (and by ever I mean like 3 years), and it is one of the most comfortable things in my closet. The stretchy, yet thick material makes it perfect for colder temps, if layered properly.

I love the preppy Cher Horowitz look, because let’s face it, we are the same person (like people stop me at the mall to tell me this). So layering the dress over a button down was an obvious layer to add to the warmth factor. Some sparkly jewels and the most glorious Kate Spade belt are the perfect accessories.

Wearing tights means that I can’t wear heels, but rather boots because it just goes against everything in me to show my ankles in tights (weird pet peeve of mine). My over-the-knee boots were a no-brainer because it adds some sass and warmth…Thank goodness I can layer on the bright green, cheetah-print knee-high socks because that just means that I’m that much toastier.

The length of the dress is the perfect length that it has a little room for the tights to peek out, but not enough to take away the professionalism.

My firm belief that throwing on a blazer over pretty much anything, is not an exception tonight, and it makes everything less “Clueless” and more situationally appropriate.

Press Level Fashion Tip: Layering a button down shirt under a dress can make things instantly more professional. It looks polished and it’s always a good alternative to just wearing a plain ‘ole dress. Layering anything, actually, makes an outfit so much more interesting. It adds dimension. As I mentioned in previous posts, the  “third piece” concept is one that everyone should follow. Don’t be boring, people! It’s possible to achieve the professionalism that you need in a look while still having fun with it!


Dress: Topshop, $85.00 (old)

Button Down: J.Crew, Boyfriend Fit, $80.00

Blazer: H&M, $35.00

Boots: Dolce Vita ℅ Nordstrom (Don’t ask how much…It’s truly painful)

Tights: J.Crew, $12.00

Sports and fashion are Allison's true passions. She grew up in the household of a professional athlete, and a family blessed with true athletic talent. She, on the other hand, must have been absent on the day that sport skills were passed out! Although, she does possess a zeal that most girls do not have for sports of all kinds, hockey has consumed her life in the most unexplainable way. Sports are such an integral part of who she is, and she is on journey of becoming a part of a professional sports organization. Growing up minutes from the Las Vegas Strip didn't leave Allison with many options for being a sports fan.Spending the majority of her summers on the East Coast, Allison became a fan of all things Boston, and her heart will always have a special place for the city (especially the Bruins). Allison currently is an employee of the Arizona Coyotes and falls more in love with the game each and every day. You can follow Allison on Twitter: @Alli_Galllagher and you can contact her by Email:



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