Thursday’s bout between the Sharks and the Ducks was, no joke, San Jose’s biggest game of the season.

Battle royale for first place in the division? Packing punch for the push towards the post-season?

Oui, merci.

A big game calls for, you guessed it, a big outfit. And, I will admit, an ensemble that I had been trying to piece together for a couple of days.

Here’s how I ended up paperdoll-ing myself for the Pacific Division rumble:


The highlighted piece here is the stiff mini skirt with the aqua bow and abstract white and pink polka-dot detail. It even has a partial petticoat underneath it!

(Frock Fun Fact: The very first time I wore this, a cute guy passing by looked at it and asked if I had “fallen down the rabbit hole.” I’m not sure if he was being sincere or sarcastic, but either way, this is now referred to as my Alice In Wonderland skirt.)

Every other part of this outfit is built around this piece. Black polka dot stockings to mirror the spots on the skirt. Clean ballet flats and and structured leather jacket to balance out the skirt’s flouncy nature. Pink purse and super chunky pink infinity scarf–best Chanukah gift ever!–to bring out the pink of the spots.

STAY-WARM TIP: As you can imagine, this isn’t the warmest outfit I’ve ever worn to cover a hockey game. That’s why I stay stocked with shakeable hand warmers – the ones you buy at sporting goods stores. I hide them in my scarves during games, typically on the back of my neck.

Have a big game outfit you’d like to share? You can find me on Twitter at @ChelenaGoldman. I would love to hear from you!

Until next puck drop,

The Girl In The Black Tights

Chelena Goldman grew up in a sports-obsessed family on a street where the boys played street hockey, so the life of a sportswriter is nothing but the perfect fit. The Bay Area native and fashion nut got her start covering the San Francisco Bulls of the ECHL, and has just entered her third season of covering the San Jose Sharks--newly for Bay Area sports hub She believes in dominance on the blue line, good red wine, and the theory that you can never be too overdressed for any occasion.



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