By Rochelle Bergman

Happy New Year to all!

Well readers, I have hit on some important news from Team Canada’s Junior Team. Is it life turning? Not really. I hope you are sitting down for this!

I read an article about the player’s favorite music on their iPods! I know, I felt that way too! I knew that I was missing something important about the players but, for the life of me I wasn’t sure what it was till now! My head is spinning with excitement!

In under 2 minutes I found out that Curtis Lazar has a girlfriend and he went to his first concert. I also heard from Felix Girard, who I think likes Taylor Swift, then there was Kerby Rychel and Nic Petan. They all look like they are under 15 years old! Nope, it is not me getting older at all!! Most of the players still have acne! (that can be a give-away!)

It must have been a very slow minute in the season for this article to appear on my computer. I must be missing something because I would have asked them important questions, like what they put on their hot dogs or if they prefer whole wheat bread to white? Never mind asking hockey questions or questions relating to the game.

Now that I found this out, I feel a bit closer to these players. I also bet that all the girls who are pre-teenagers also do!

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, her team is always the Toronto Maple Leafs. Instead of falling for movie stars, Rochelle fell for hockey players. As she grew up, her passion grew to include wanting to be the first female NHL player, the first female 'water' girl for her team and catching a true NHL puck. She did try for the puck, only to learn that A) the puck could have killed her, if she tried to get it or B) you needed to buy one. Years later Rochelle still loves the game! Now a days instead of wanting to join the players, (don't let her fool you, she still wants to join the team) she writes about them. Her one wish in the world is to be alive when the Toronto Maple Leafs win their next Stanley Cup! Rochelle has a certificate in Marketing/Communications at the British Columbia School of Technology and a writing certificate from Simon Fraser University. She has started her own writing company, "From Rochelle's Pen".


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