ss logoThe Islanders have released a sleek new logo designed specifically for the 2014 Coors Light Stadium Series game they will play against the New York Rangers on January 29th, 2014.  The logo includes the regular Islanders “NY” design but with a chrome make-over. According to a statement released by the team, the four orange stripes on the stick represent the four consecutive Stanley Cups the franchise won in the 80’s.  Jerseys featuring the Coors Light Stadium Series logo are available to season ticket holders now.  Limited tickets for the game will be made available to the general public on Thursday, November 21st, at 10:00 AM EST.


The Coors Light Stadium Series game against the New York Rangers will take place at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday, January 29 , 2014 at 7:30 PM.


  1. They are going sleeker all around. That logo is much more simplified than their regular one. Could be indicative of a new jersey

  2. They are releasing a jersey specifically for the game, but the team has said they will not be changing their jerseys when they move or at all. If anything it could just be an alternate jersey like the orange ones back in the day or the grey and black ones we have now.

  3. Gotcha. I’m surprised to hear they won’t be changing at all, but I like the heritage. The Stanley Cup stripes are definitely cool.

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