While playing for Los Angeles, defenseman Dustin Penner earned the nickname ‘Playoff’ Penner’ due to his lackluster performance during the regular season and sudden shift to clutch player during the post season. Kings fans (and probably Ducks fans) were interested to hear raw quotes from Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau following yesterdays on-ice training camp in Anaheim…

On Dustin Penner’s play so far:

“Mediocre. We had a talk with Dustin today. We want him better, but I think he wants himself better too. Sometimes big men take a little longer. We did a little extra skating today with him and we’ll probably do that on a continuous [basis] until the season starts anyway. It’s just tough. Sometimes you play fourteen minutes and you’re a big-bodied man and you need more. So we’re going to try to give him some more.”

On whether Penner is a boom or bust guy:

“When you’re trying to win the Cup, you shoot for the moon. We had tremendous success with Dustin the last time he was here. If we can rekindle some of that success—both for him, remembering what it was like, and for us, big-bodied forwards… He’s won two Cups in the last five or seven years. I sure wish I had that in my resume. He knows how to win. When you watch the play-offs, he played extremely well for the Kings. We just want him to continue that in the regular season.”

With Penner back in Anaheim it wasn’t long before rumors of the infamous “Kid Line” consisting of Ducks players Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, and Dustin Penner being reunited. The trio was a force to be reckoned with during the 2006-2007 season, the same year the Ducks won their first ever Stanley Cup. Kings fans were not surprised when it was announced Penner had signed a one year contract over the summer with the first team he had won the Stanley Cup with. Whether fans embraced ‘playoff’  Penner or were happy to see him leave, no one can deny his contribution and pivotal role in Los Angeles in 2012 when the Kings were able to hoist the Stanley Cup for the first time ever in franchise history and for that we thank you Playoff Penner!

Both teams will meet tonight in Los Angeles for the second time this preseason. We’ll see if the ‘Kid Line’ gets their chance to shine or if the Kings shut them down for a second time, either way with the trio in and nearing their 30’s maybe a new nickname is in order.

The Fiesty Bernier LA Would Never See

Another former King, goaltender Jonathan Bernier has been making headlines with his contribution to the chaos during the Toronto/Sabres Game Sunday night. Within minutes Kings fans were sharing picture and video of the fight across the social media world. Lisa Dillman of the LA Times spoke with several current Kings players to get their reactions

The fight didn’t come as a surprise to some Kings fans. During the 2013 Western Conference Final against the Blackhawks, goaltender Corey Crawford joined in a fight against LA’s Kyle Clifford after the referee motioned for him to stay in his crease. A video taken from the angle behind Bernier shows him making a very distinct motion in the direction of Crawford that most interpreted as Bernier calling Crawford out. The video can be seen here and the action of Bernier can be seen at 29 seconds in.

In the end I think we can all agree with what Drew Doughty has to say about the fight over all:




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