By Ariel Carron

Photo: WCVB TV

Photo: WCVB TV

The Stanley Cup Finals inspire people around the nation to turn on their televisions and support their team. Every year, we look at frozen sea of color which represent the teams that have the chance to win it all. We shout, we laugh, we cry, and chant for our favorites. We often get so ingrained with important parts of the game like players, stats, coaches and of course, winning or losing, that we forget some of the little things that help make teams who they are. In this instance, we’re talking about team colors. Where many may say that colors are chosen due to preference, often colors are associated with emotions, items, and certain ideals. Right now, many hockey fans are surrounding themselves with red, black, and white or white, black and gold. What do these colors mean for the Blackhawks and the Bruins? A lot.

         The Blackhawks were founded in 1926. With colors such as red, black, and white we already know this team means business. Red is one of the most significant colors as it represents passion, love, blood, as well as, war, strength, and power. White is associated with purity, snow, goodness, and considered the color of perfection. Then we have black which is the color of power, formality, death, and the unknown. What does this all say about the Blackhawks? It says that they want to purely dominate the ice with passion and power while simultaneously inviting love from their fans.

         As for the Bruins, their most noted color is Gold. Gold makes us think of wealth, but also represents wisdom, illumination, and high quality. What does this say for the Bruins? It says that they always strive to be the best. They use their wisdom to illuminate the ice and inspire a wealthful love from their fans. As for their black and white, it shows that they strive for their own definitions of perfection and power.

So, while it’s easy to watch the games, love the players, and worship the sport, sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and look at the finer details. What do these colors mean for any team? They don’t only symbolize team characteristics, but they distinguish themselves as part of the hockey empire. They’re the conquerors on the ice. We implore fans to look at their teams and remember–remember what these colors represent for their teams and what ideals they support.


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