What do you do when your favorite team is out of the playoffs? Do you watch anyway hoping that the teams you dislike lose, do you watch just for the love of the game, or do you go and enjoy other activities?

With the shortened season, we are so used to being able to watch a hockey game every day and our favorite teams practically ever other day. The playoffs are going to be going further into the warmer months this year as well, so do you stay in and watch the playoffs or go outside and enjoy the weather?

I for one have other interests once May rolls around, like Baseball and Auto Racing, so I tend to stray away from the winter sports and get on to the summer sports and warmer weather. Now don’t get me wrong, I will always love hockey first and I don’t necessarily mind that it is going on in June. However, when one thinks of hockey, we associate the game with winter and cold weather. I am frankly sick of the cold weather and ready for the warmth that summer brings and I am also ready for those sports that take you outside.

Whether your team is still in the hunt for the elusive Stanley Cup or your team is already teeing off, what do you, as a fan, do now?

Sara's love of hockey came at a young age when she watched the Buffalo Sabres practice in the same rink her brother would always play in. While never actually playing the game herself, she always knew she wanted to work with the sport one day. Sara attended SUNY Oswego for a Communications Degree, where she attended almost every hockey game during her years there. She then moved on to take online classes from Southern New Hampshire to gain a degree in Sport Management and move one step closer to working in the hockey scene. The Sabres will always be her #1 team with the Oswego State Lakers being a close 2nd. One day she hopes to work directly with one of those teams, but until then she will continue to cheer them on and write stories about them.


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