This edition of Team look of the Week is all about the Chicago Blackhawks.  This fall preppy chic is very fashionable; so that is the direction we took for this look. The chic vintage looking varsity Blackhawks cardigan really puts this look over the edge. Although the sweater is made for men it will provide you with the boyfriend cardigan look that has been in trend for a few seasons now.  This look has many tiny accents that really let you support the Blackhawks without looking like you just got back from a Blackhawks tailgate party.

Just like always if you don’t have something here don’t sweat just use what you have, this look is just a guideline. If you love this look and aren’t a Blackhawks fan just swap out the Blackhawks stuff to fit your team colours and logo. Hope you enjoyed it.


Blackhawks Look


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