It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And as you count down how many sleeps until the Cup why not make things interesting? That’s right puckers; joining a fantasy playoff pool will keep you in the action even if your team is not. Draft pools can be a little intimidating for first timers so here are a few guidelines that are sure to equal bragging rights come May.

1. Unlike regular season pools, look for teams with playoff longevity. Fantasy players should make round to round predictions to maximize points. The key is to decide which teams will last the longest.

2. Never pick players from teams that will face each other in the first round. Inevitably you will lose players from the failing team resulting in a disappointing point total.

3. Try to prognosticate. Choose winning teams for each round and pick players reflecting your predictions. Stock up on guys you think will meet in the Stanley Cup final. If your foresight is in check, these players will play the most games and skyrocket your tally.

4. It also helps to pick a “sleeper”. This player is a dark horse but an unexpected performance surge will give you an edge on your competition.

Good luck Pink Puckers! Let’s rule the pools.


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