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(Photo: Alan Sullivan) The puck dropped on the first game of the 2018 Prospects Challenge, hosted by the Buffalo Sabres, in which the...

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The National Hockey League has released the schedule for Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Check it out below!

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The National Hockey League announced the full schedule of first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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There really is no other way to describe the shooting gallery that took place on Thursday night as the Boston Bruins played host...

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(Photo: Chicago Blackhawks) New Year's Day 2019 will open with something familiar to NHL fans—an Original Six matchup facing off in the Winter Classic. The

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Image by: Pittsburgh Penguins Twitter The Pittsburgh Penguins Sunday became the first back-to-back Stanley Cup champions in the salary cap era. Penguins Captain

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Image: Sportsnet Youtube The Nashville Predators Monday night leveled the Stanley Cup Final series against the Penguins at 2-2 with a...

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As the puck dropped on Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final series, it looked like both teams had been cautioned about the pushing...

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(Photo: By Stephen Yeargin from Nashville, Tenn., United States , via Wikimedia Commons As the city of Nashville played host to its first...

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(Photo: NHL.com) Going into the third period of Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final, the Nashville Predators looked to have righted...