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(Source: Royalshockey.com) 1st The Reading Royals may have met a tough defeat on Sunday night, but they came out with desperation last night....

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(Source: Royalshockey.com) 1st With the first round of the series tied at 2-2, the Reading Royals knew they were in for a...

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(Source: Royalshockey.com) Coming off of a 5-4 loss against the Orlando Solar Bears, the

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(Source: Royalshockey.com) The good news is that the Reading Royals managed to clinch a spot in the playoffs this...

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(Source: Royalshockey.com) After a 4-3 overtime loss to Elmira on Friday and a 5-2 loss to the Kalamazoo Wings...

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(Source: Royalshockey.com)   A sense of urgency fell upon Santander Arena this weekend as the Reading Royals faced-off against...

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(Source: Royalshockey.com) In an unusual Monday night game the sagas of the Reading Royals and Elmira

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(Source: Royalshockey.com) This weekend the Royals exerted a slew of energy playing three back-to-back games against the

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(Source: Royalshockey.com) Since the Royals last home game on January 19th, the Royals have amassed many accomplishments including,

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(Source: Royalshockey.com) The Reading Royals and Elmira Jackals have faced-off against each other for a...