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(Source: Royalshockey.com) In an unusual Monday night game the sagas of the Reading Royals and Elmira

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(photo: Dinur Blum) With the AHL moving west for next season, preparations are already in motion for

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(Source: Royalshockey.com) This weekend the Royals exerted a slew of energy playing three back-to-back games against the

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(Source: Royalshockey.com) Since the Royals last home game on January 19th, the Royals have amassed many accomplishments including,

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(photo: Edmonton Oilers) Change is in the air for minor league hockey. What started as rumblings, then rumors, has now emerged as a truth. The...

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(photo: Jack Lima Photography) Lightning fast down the wing, you might just miss the newest Stockton Thunder forward if you glance away from...