rebecca-ou-headshotBecca hails from the Berkeley, California, but currently is splitting her time between the Bay and a sleepy beach town where she studies political science. Becca tried on her first pair of skates when she was three and started playing hockey a few years later. Now, although she doesn’t get to experience cold weather very often, she remains an avid hockey fan, traveling between school and the Bay to catch the Sharks play. Becca hopes to one day translate her handy political science degree into a job in hockey or baseball. She’s lucky enough to have awesome family and friends who tolerate her hockey obsession and let her take over the TV for games, and an amazingly supportive boyfriend who accompanies her to Sharks games even though he’s a diehard Kings fan. Although she bleeds teal, Becca currently covers the LA Kings and enjoys it very much, as she believes it helps her to break down the enemy’s game. Find her on Twitter: @bexcamonster