Mollyhall is not an athlete. She comes from a family of quarterbacks, bicyclists, equitation riders, and of course hockey players, and quickly got used to winning the “Best Smile” award at every Seeley Summer Olympics (an award made up especially for her by her grandmother, who felt bad that she never won anything else). Being the pigeon-toed bench warmer in a family full of team captains can be tough, but while she never managed to osmose any kind of athletic talent, she did learn the importance of being a good watergirl. Hockey-wise, she’s one of two people who have never lived in Ohio that is obsessed with the Columbus Blue Jackets and neither she nor the LA Kings twitter will hear a word said against them. The Penguins will always have a special place in her heart, as the first team that she ever watched play who made her fall in love with the sport. Her favorite player is Jack Johnson, because he’s a beautiful gleaming beacon of patriotism and the kind of consistent, solid, hardworking hockey that never gets enough credit.