For a hockey player, a broken stick equals a broken heart. From the sin bin to the trash bin, once broken it’s a lost cause. Or is it? Cue Requip’d a unique company that has cornered the market on turning everyone’s worst nightmare into the coolest household accessories. Grill sets, bottle openers, snow scrapers and plungers are some of the key products the company offers.

The company isn’t hanging around their local ice rink begging for broken sticks, they’ve partnered with some major teams and manufacturers throughout North America. To date, they’ve helped to recycle 42,477 sticks and counting …  With the holiday season skating into full effect and many of us scrambling for last minute gift ideas, may we suggest Requip’d as an option.

The Pink Puck caught up with Jack Hyman, Assistant Director of Development for Requip’d, to learn more about the company, their amazing products and why hockey fans around the globe will love everything they have to offer.

requiped-1The Pink Puck (TPP): How did you guys come up with the idea for the company? 
Jack Hyman, Requip’d (JHR): John and Eric, the two founders of the company, were playing hockey and they kept breaking their hockey sticks, which are very, very expensive, upwards of $200 or more. They started wondering what they could do with these broken sticks, because the graphics on almost all of them are very cool and we developed them into handles. Out of a lot of trial and error, the BBQ set was born, then bottle openers, plungers, ice scrapers, putters, the list goes on and on, essentially anything with a handle. It’s just a matter of if people are going to like it. We made an ice cream scoop as well.

TPP: You mentioned that you guys are a green company, what makes you a green company? 
JHR:  We keep stuff out of landfills, that’s really what makes our company green. The majority of the equipment managers that we work with they generally just throw them [sticks] out. So we come in and pay for the shipping to get them over to us and all they have to do is put it in a box and send it to us. Instead of throwing it out, we’re re-purposing them turning them into products. Over 40,000 sticks that would otherwise be in landfills. Not only do the products look cool, but they’re unique, usable items.

Sticks come in all different lengths based on how tall the player was, but we can really use any part of the stick to make a product; aside from the blades. Our putters are obviously longer, but our bottle openers are about 6 inches. We’re able to use 95-98% of the stick!

TPP: Do you have a favorite product? 
JHR: I personally really like the ice scraper, I grew up in New England with all the cold weather and I always thought the ice scraper was a good idea.

TPP: Are you guys always looking for additional things to make out of them? 
JHR: Yes, we’ve toyed around with other things. Perhaps a pizza cutter down on the road. We’re active on social media asking what people would like to see. Occasionally we make things and auction them off for foundations. All the NHL teams have ping pong tables, so we’re making ping pong paddles. We will make anything that comes to mind, post about it and if we think it’ll be a hit we will follow through. The plunger started as a gag for the office, all the rinks wanted them and it just went on from there, makes a great man cave item, or a joke gift for a friend.

imgresRequip’d was nice enough to send product samples for trial and a GIVEAWAY! After testing all of the products, which are each very cool in their own right, The Pink Puck chose the ice scraper as it’s favorite item, of course if there wasn’t a foot of snow and a sheet of ice outside, we would have gone with the BBQ set. We’ve been flooded with snow and ice in New England and the ice scraper is the perfect tool and conversation piece for snow removal at home and at the rink!

Looking to purchase products for yourself, or as a gift for the holiday season? Be sure to use code: PINKPUCK to save 10% on your order!

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Winter was hooked on hockey by age 6, when she first witnessed a bench clearing brawl between the Boston Bruins and the Ottawa Senators. Growing from hockey fan to hockey player, Winter followed her passions by founding The Pink Puck. While she also loves fashion and the outdoors, hockey will always be her center ice. Email: Twitter: @Winter_Adams



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