The header “The Girl With The Black Tights” is something that I have stuck to for three seasons in the hockey reporting realm. Believe it or not, I take a lot of pride in holding myself to a uniform standard. Plus, dresses and tights make for the ultimate dress-up platform.

So it might come as a bit of a shock that I chose a rare off-season press conference to break my own dress code.

That’s right–for the San Jose Sharks’ Thursday presser announcing Peter DeBoer as their new head coach, I wore pants.

I repeat: I. Wore. Pants.

You might recall that I donned leggings for the Sharks’ prospect scrimmage during last summer’s development camp. It was, to that date, the closest I have come to wearing anything but a skirt and tights to the Tank. But, being that the Sharks season has been over since the beginning of April and Thursday’s press conference is technically outside of my tights-on-game-night parameters, I could allow for one, just one, event with my legs completely covered. That, and I haven’t worn these pants in forever and I decided the night before that they were begging to be worn.

(Yes, I made up rules for breaking my own rules. It’s the Wild West out in the Left Coast hockey fashion world, kids.)


These H&M high-waist trouser pants would be totally acceptable for work. They have a sleek fit that works for flats, heels and boots. Plus they look good with every top from button-downs to fitted tees. Really trouser pants can be worn on any job–as long as they aren’t too tight, and are in a solid color. Since mine are Dalmatian print I had to keep the rest of the ensemble more monochrome and modest. The upside? Black-and-cream plays well with most colors, so I could still rep a bit of flair without looking like I was rocking animal-print pants at happy hour. I went with a periwinkle shell with lace detail at the collarbone–not too low of a neck!–layered under my dainty black cardigan. Threw my favorite black flats on my feet and I was out the door without a hitch.




No need for crazy accessories on this day. Just a couple long, minimalist gold necklaces, my mom’s jade ring, my grandmother’s aquamarine and my small Gucci watch.

After this, I probably owe you guys an ensemble centered around a really out-there pair of stockings. I’ll see what they will let me get away with at development camp.

Until the next puck drops,
The Girl In The Black Tights

Chelena Goldman grew up in a sports-obsessed family on a street where the boys played street hockey, so the life of a sportswriter is nothing but the perfect fit. The Bay Area native and fashion nut got her start covering the San Francisco Bulls of the ECHL, and has just entered her third season of covering the San Jose Sharks--newly for Bay Area sports hub She believes in dominance on the blue line, good red wine, and the theory that you can never be too overdressed for any occasion.



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