It has been pretty much “forever and a day” since the Sharks played at home. After the two-week roadie I was itching to get back to the chill of the rink and, of course, not be watching hockey at home in my pjs!

Between the breezy climate outside and the fact that the Tank wasn’t quite as cold as usual, a late-season springy outfit was in order. Despite having a bit of a week, and wanting to just wrap myself up in all black, this game called for color, and lots of it. After a bit of outfit trying-on the day before, I came up with something that would work for work–see what I did there?–and ended up with a better accessory game than I had previously planned. Here we go:


The Main Dish: I typically wear this periwinkle Victoria’s Secret tunic with leggings since it is runched up a bit high on the sides. I combatted the length with this BCBG wrap–in a complimentary shade of green–which drapes perfectly down the sides of my thighs to prevent “too much leg” for the workplace. Pair it with Donna Karen stockings and black flats et voila!


The Bobbles: Once I had my outfit together I was inspired to get a little extra funky with my accessories. I went with gold to balance out the cool color palette of my ensemble which meant busting out my grandmother’s gold-and-jade jewelry and Grecian midi rings. To satisfy my watch fix, I went with my dainty Gucci watch along with my clunky Betsey Johnson charm bracelet. (And for those of you who noticed: Yes, I have an Easter-themed manicure!)

I’m typically opposed to wearing long necklaces to games because they get tangled with my landyard on my press pass. This evening, however, I broke my own rule and sported two: My grandmother’s jade pendant and coral pendant, and my mom’s gold heart.

Now that the outfit is set, let’s hope the team is ready to put on a show as well!

Until the next puck drops,
The Girl In The Black Tights

Chelena Goldman grew up in a sports-obsessed family on a street where the boys played street hockey, so the life of a sportswriter is nothing but the perfect fit. The Bay Area native and fashion nut got her start covering the San Francisco Bulls of the ECHL, and has just entered her third season of covering the San Jose Sharks--newly for Bay Area sports hub She believes in dominance on the blue line, good red wine, and the theory that you can never be too overdressed for any occasion.



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