It was a whole different atmosphere last night at Gila River Arena. The Arizona Coyotes hosted their first ever ‘Throwback in Black’ night in honor of their 1996 team relocation to the Valley against the Vancouver Canucks. Ending the night with an over-the-top, exciting shootout win to break an unfortunate losing streak just makes the whole event that much better.

Losing streak finally ends

The Coyotes 2014-2015 team has broken records this season, and not necessarily ones that they want to be noticed for. In the first half of the season when they broke the home loss record and made it to 9 in a row, there was hopes that they would never make it past that. Luckily the team, who has been on another 9 game home losing streak, was able to keep it at just 9.

Their 10 game losing streak has also been talked about a lot recently. To finally get a win, and for it to be at home, was very much appreciated. Losing for long increments of time is going to effect anyone, and amidst the recent trades, the tensions are running especially high.

“We had to play well to do that, so the relief is seeing the guys play well.” said Captain Shane Doan. “We played well and Smitty (Mike Smith) played well and some of the new guys play very well… it was a good feeling.”

“It’s been a long time coming and obviously some frustrating times the last month or so, but we did a lot of good things to give ourselves a chance to win tonight.” – Mike Smith on breaking the streak.

Bringing energy back into their game

There’s an obvious change in the team due to trades, but there’s also a change in their game. Though they lost in their last game, it was even evident in their previous game against Anaheim. The team is showing an outstanding amount of energy on the ice. Guys are stepping up and getting physical if necessary, and there seems to be a drive to prove themselves. Connor Murphy, for example, who only has two career fights recorded, has gotten physical in the last two games and number 5 even got himself 5 minutes for fighting last night.

“(Klas) Dahlbeck looks like a solid player,” said Dave Tippett. “(Tye) McGinn chips in… the new guys are jumping in and doing the job so it’s a great feeling.” 

Throwback (in black) Thursday

The ceremonial puck drop featuring many of the original ‘Phoenix Coyotes’ including Jeremy Roenick, current goaltending coach Sean Burke and several others. Shane Doan, the current captain, is the only member remaining on the roster from the move to the desert from Winnipeg.

“I had a bench with black jerseys – it was different. It adds some distraction to not winning many games,” said Tippett about ‘Throwback In Black’ night. “The players were excited about it and it was great to see the fans excited about it and to see the old players come back who have such a history with the team. They wore those sweaters proud and played well in the tradition of the old Coyotes.”

Mike Smith, who had 32 saves, basked in the whole idea of a throwback night sporting Alice Cooper’s face on the back of his specially designed helmet. Smith was able to meet up with the singer pre-game and dawned an autographed bucket throughout the game. Smith recalls the interaction as “eerie” seeing his helmet next to Cooper’s face, but “pretty cool” nonetheless.

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