The big question for Seattle Washington is: NHL or NBA? Seattle is thinking of getting their own professional sports team. So far the choice is either hockey or basketball. What do you think? First issue, arena Space:

There are two big spaces not being used right now near the city. One space is 66 acres just south of the Boeing Field. This piece of real estate is owned by the real estate magnate David Sabey.  (Mr. Sabey’s idea is to bring the Phoenix Coyotes to Seattle). This part of town is called Tukwila, who knew?

Second piece of real estate is somewhat owned by a company called IntraVest Development, another part of the land is city-owned — this area is called Bellevue. Both venues need around $500 million from private funding to update the land.

Will the floor be covered with the ice of the NHL or the floor boards of the NBA? Will the location be in Bellevue or Tukwila? So many questions need to be addressed before any league steps into any arena. As of today, the NHL has the better chance of having a team in Seattle than the NBA.

But is Seattle Washington ready for their own hockey team? Could this be the new home of the ‘Phoenix Coyotes’? Would this sit well in Seattle? The NHL would let the Coyotes play 3 seasons at a key arena if they relocate to Seattle. But, the NHL won’t sign anything official until a group announces itself as owners of a team.

There is money in Seattle and it looks like there is space for a professional rink around town. It also seems to be a strong market. To me it seems like Seattle is ready for a professional hockey team of their own. Could Seattle take a team like the Coyotes and spin them around, turn them up-side-down and make them shine? Only time will tell. But, I am rooting for a new and bold team in the West. A team that will make the Eastern teams shake in their skates!


Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, her team is always the Toronto Maple Leafs. Instead of falling for movie stars, Rochelle fell for hockey players. As she grew up, her passion grew to include wanting to be the first female NHL player, the first female 'water' girl for her team and catching a true NHL puck. She did try for the puck, only to learn that A) the puck could have killed her, if she tried to get it or B) you needed to buy one. Years later Rochelle still loves the game! Now a days instead of wanting to join the players, (don't let her fool you, she still wants to join the team) she writes about them. Her one wish in the world is to be alive when the Toronto Maple Leafs win their next Stanley Cup! Rochelle has a certificate in Marketing/Communications at the British Columbia School of Technology and a writing certificate from Simon Fraser University. She has started her own writing company, "From Rochelle's Pen".



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