It feels like forever since I have written a post for you guys about what I have been wearing to games! It isn’t because I don’t love you guys, I swear. This season’s writing gig is just a bit more demanding. Don’t get me wrong, I have still been taking pictures of all my wardrobe concoctions for you, they just haven’t made it to a well-written post!


But a near-issue with Thursday’s ensemble inspired me put together a little “Tight’s Emergency Guide.”


Before we get to that however, can we please stop and get giddy over my black-on-black-on-black getup with the navy, red and cream calf-length cardigan?! Don’t I look sharper than cheddar in my holiday sweater?! Mwahaha

Anywho, I had just settled into my seat at the Tank when I noticed a small hole in the stockings on the inside of my left knee! I was super sad at first. But luckily, I had the tools to remedy the issue; clear nail polish to keep the small little problem from running and becoming a very BIG problem.

For any of you lovely ladies out there looking to rock the tights on game night, here’s what you should pack in your own Emergency Pack:

-Clear Polish: Not tinted polish, because the shine will definitely show up depending on how the light hits your leg. Grab the clearest stuff you can find, a bottle of one of the 99-cent top coats from the drugstore. Keep it in your bag at all times. That way, if you’re already out the door and get a run, you already have tools at your disposal.

-Mini Sewing Kit: This is for if you are wearing extra-thick, ribbed tights. Most ladies that I know carry a small sewing kit in their purses already, but if you need to go grab one for your own game night bag, fear not–you can grab them in line at most grocery or retail stores for just a couple bucks.

-Emergency pair: No, this is not an overkill suggestion. While some snags or runs are fixable using the above methods, when your tights are ripped to the point of making the wardrobe list for a Rihanna music video–and no press box anywhere is going to be okay with you prancing around dressed like that–it pays to have an emergency pair of dollar nylons on hand. You know, just in case.

That just about does it! Have a fun and safe holiday, whether you are hockey-ing or throwing back egg nog.

Until the next puck drops,
The Girl In The Black Tights

Chelena Goldman grew up in a sports-obsessed family on a street where the boys played street hockey, so the life of a sportswriter is nothing but the perfect fit. The Bay Area native and fashion nut got her start covering the San Francisco Bulls of the ECHL, and has just entered her third season of covering the San Jose Sharks--newly for Bay Area sports hub She believes in dominance on the blue line, good red wine, and the theory that you can never be too overdressed for any occasion.



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