The hockey rink is always a good place to spend your birthday, and after a whirlwind day, I couldn’t image myself being anywhere else.

As of lately, I feel like every time I go to put an outfit on, I end up changing it in a last minute frenzy. That definitely happened again, for tonight’s game. I had the perfect idea for my new fringy J.Crew tank, and it turns out that the combo was way too New Years Eve and not hockey game enough…. This was all decided as I’m supposed to be out the door.

Here I was trying on 5 different pairs of black heels to see which ones I liked the best, and the real issue was the shirt. I’m totally being a shoe repeater, but my trusty black heels are always the way to go when you’re running late.

I love the way that the ankle length pants look with the classic platform. I think it looks so put together, and I just love it! Except, I’m never wearing these specific ones to another game, because all 3 times I’ve worn them, we’ve gone into OT….

The top I’m wearing tonight was one of those random pick up’s from H&M, and I honestly don’t even like it, but sometimes a $10 shirt is too good to pass up (and it’s handy in the case of an emergency). I actually just threw it on, and walked out the door without second guessing myself.

My jacket is one of my faves, and it doesn’t get enough attention. I’m so tiny on top, it makes my arms look like they are being eaten up, but that doesn’t stop me.

I always like to add a third piece like a jacket or blazer, because not only does it keep me warmer, (I’m a wimp) but it makes everything look more put together.

Press Level Tip: Make sure when you come to the game, you are ready to jump into everything. That might mean a whole lot of things, but for me that means I come with a coffee in hand, or I down one before I get to the arena. Coming off of a long day, whether that be at work, or school (in my case), you need to be prepared for the night. On a night like tonight, the game start is a little later, so you’re going to get out of there later. Getting out of there later, means you are going to be writing later. I live off of caffeine (I’m ashamed to say I drink 3 cups of coffee or tea a day). So make sure you do whatever you need to do to make your night go smoothly.


Shirt: H&M, $10 (old)

Pants: J. Crew Dannie, $30.00 (on sale now)

Jacket: Marshalls, $50

Shoes: Forever 21, $22.00


Sports and fashion are Allison's true passions. She grew up in the household of a professional athlete, and a family blessed with true athletic talent. She, on the other hand, must have been absent on the day that sport skills were passed out! Although, she does possess a zeal that most girls do not have for sports of all kinds, hockey has consumed her life in the most unexplainable way. Sports are such an integral part of who she is, and she is on journey of becoming a part of a professional sports organization. Growing up minutes from the Las Vegas Strip didn't leave Allison with many options for being a sports fan.Spending the majority of her summers on the East Coast, Allison became a fan of all things Boston, and her heart will always have a special place for the city (especially the Bruins). Allison currently is an employee of the Arizona Coyotes and falls more in love with the game each and every day. You can follow Allison on Twitter: @Alli_Galllagher and you can contact her by Email:



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