Hockey to cure your Halloween hangover? Sounds like a plan to me!

Going to work the day– or night, in this case–after a party holiday can leave you feeling a little less inclined to dress up. Heck, when it came time to take off my super-soft Brandy Melville sweatshirt and fleece-lined leggings I was like Oh my God, the struggle is real.


But a skirt and tights ensemble can be cozy too. And my outfit choice for the Sharks-Isles tilt Saturday night was exactly that.


Where’d I get this adorable Roxy Quicksilver school girl skirt, you ask? Um, well, I’ve had it since junior year of high school. Yes, high school. And believe me, I didn’t graduate yesterday. But I most certainly kept it all these years and it most certainly still fits. Plus, the way I see it, with current couture taking cues from the early 90s right now, by spring time stores will be stocking up with “Clueless”-era styles. So, I’m getting a leg up on the fashion-forwardness. Pairing this little number with a sublty-striped black stocking and dark brown hiking style boots fit the bill.

On top, I wore a green scoop-neck top from H&M. It’s super soft and lightweight; snuggle-worthy but easily layered over and dressed up. Which made it perfect to wear under this sport black ski jacket–a boutique from buy back in college that has truly stood the test of time.

Comfy-cozy and game ready? Achieved.

… Okay, so I wasn’t so tired that I didn’t put a little extra thought into Saturday night’s jewelry. I was grabbing for one of my sugar skull bracelets when I decided to grab a bunch of my skeleton accessories as sort of a Dia de los Muertos ode.




Until the next puck drops,
The Girl In The Black Tights

Chelena Goldman grew up in a sports-obsessed family on a street where the boys played street hockey, so the life of a sportswriter is nothing but the perfect fit. The Bay Area native and fashion nut got her start covering the San Francisco Bulls of the ECHL, and has just entered her third season of covering the San Jose Sharks--newly for Bay Area sports hub She believes in dominance on the blue line, good red wine, and the theory that you can never be too overdressed for any occasion.



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