As the Nor’easter continued to dump rain and the wind gusts reached the 35 mph level (okay – not as hard as a Chara slap shot – but can pelt you with that rain) the last thing I wanted to do was to worry about potentially getting soaked. After all I had to dash from work and catch the subway to what promised to be a very emotional game with the return of former Boston Bruin, Johnny Boychuk. I didn’t want to have my attention on wet feet or cold legs. So I elected to go with a warm pair of skinny pants, a loose-fitting but comfy sweater and one of my favorite scarves. And the booties had been soaked once before without consequence, so I knew that my feet would be dry and warm. They would also be comfortable, as I have walked from the train station to the Bruins practice rink – Ristuccia – in Wilmington (and back).  So it would be no problem to get from press level to the Visitors’ locker room and then the Bruins’ room and still be fine for getting me home after the last interviews were done.


  • Black and grey striped sweater, Marshalls, $19.99
  • Black lace front skinny pants, Marshalls, $24.99
  • Rose, mauve and grey scarf, Nordstrom Rack, $15.00
  • Grey yarn and black lace fingerless mittens, Marshalls $6.95
  • Oxblood tie booties, Rainbow Shops, $29.95


Media Tip: Despite being up above the ice, don’t expect press level to be warm. Wearing fingerless, and fashionable, mitts is one way to stay a little warmer and still be able to type on your keyboard.

A family historian by profession, Rhonda R. McClure has loved hockey since she was a child in New Hampshire. Any opportunity to combine her love of writing, hockey and research is something she looks forward to with much enthusiasm. She's been accused of seeking out shinny games when there are no other hockey events taking place. She is a member of the Society for International Hockey Research. Follow her on Twitter at @HockeyMaven1917.



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