Majorly embarrassing crisis averted.

If there are any rules that you really need to know, it’s that you need to dress professionally, and you should never wear the colors of the opposing team. Silly ‘ole me was so excited getting out of my car that my all blue outfit was perfection. It was, and I totally thought it was, until I hit the stairs and realized that the Coyotes were playing the St. Louis BLUESMajor anxiety attack, commence.

The fact that I had thrown a long sleeve shirt under the shirt that I had on before, is a miracle. Like, there was literally no need at all to add a black long sleeved shirt under my white short sleeved shirt, until I realized that the blue and silver jewels on my shirt would not match the black and gold heels and black pants that I luckily had in my car. The backup clothes were actually almost taken out of the car right before the game, too. There was no reason for them to even be with me.

When I say that I was wearing blue I mean that I was decked out. Blue shoes, blue and black tweed skirt, blue on my shirt. How embarrassing would it have been if I had walked in all confident, and then after remembered who the opponents where?! I will probably never get over it.

It does give me another inevitable mistake to write about, though. When I talked about mistakes on opening night, I didn’t realize that I would have the “wonderful” opportunity to share a new fault with you every game. It almost feels like an honor, but not really.

Now that I think about it, though, it makes me laugh. There couldn’t have been a mistake as big as the blues with any other team!

Funny story over; now on to the outfit that I actually ended up wearing.

Leather jackets are always nice. They keep you warm, they make you look put together; it’s a perfect addition to any outfit. It looked awesome with the outfit that I had on earlier, but it still looks pretty good with my new outfit. Black on black on black on black is always a go-to of mine. I’ve been trying to branch out, but when the only thing that you have in your car is black pants, black heels and only a black layering shirt, the color combo sounds like a great idea.

When in doubt, add some bright lipstick. My hot pink Chanel lipstick/lipgloss combo made for a great way to brighten up a dark outfit.

I would say the main focus of my outfit tonight would be the black and gold zipper peep-toe heels. The only downside to the peep-toe tonight, is the fact that my toe nail polish is looking pretty chipped up. But it was either this or the blue shoes that would’ve looked so much better with the other outfit…. I decided that I’m saving those for later! If the next team permits, then y’all better expect a rocking outfit.

Press Level Tip: Sometimes, throwing a pair of flats into your press bag can be beneficial when you need to run around the rink. You never know how the game will go, so having them as a back-up might make you not want to cut your feet off by the end of the night. I learned this after last week’s game that went into overtime, and running down to the locker room became necessary (you can read about that here). It’s even nice to have when you are walking to your car after the game, you will thank yourself later.






Shoes: Target, $29.99

Pants: J.Crew, $40.00

Jacket: Old Navy, $40.00

Lipstick: Chanel in #37 topped off with matching lipgloss

Sports and fashion are Allison's true passions. She grew up in the household of a professional athlete, and a family blessed with true athletic talent. She, on the other hand, must have been absent on the day that sport skills were passed out! Although, she does possess a zeal that most girls do not have for sports of all kinds, hockey has consumed her life in the most unexplainable way. Sports are such an integral part of who she is, and she is on journey of becoming a part of a professional sports organization. Growing up minutes from the Las Vegas Strip didn't leave Allison with many options for being a sports fan.Spending the majority of her summers on the East Coast, Allison became a fan of all things Boston, and her heart will always have a special place for the city (especially the Bruins). Allison currently is an employee of the Arizona Coyotes and falls more in love with the game each and every day. You can follow Allison on Twitter: @Alli_Galllagher and you can contact her by Email:



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