While some NHL teams still don’t have very stacked pre & post game shows for every single game they play (Preds, I love you and I wish you nothing but the best but come on!), the New Jersey Devils (mostly thanks to our MSG overlords) haven’t had that problem in the last 10 years or so.

Now in a new contract for both the New Jersey Devils & the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers, both of which are controlled by the duo of Josh Harris & Scott O’Neil (@ScottONeil)Quince Imaging technology will “buy the technology that transforms the court or ice surface into what Quince calls an immersive video display,” according to a Bloomberg news article.   The Canadiens already own this technology, but the Devils will be the first U.S.-based NHL team to use it in the upcoming season.  According to the Devils Facebook, some of this “new technology” will also involve 3D imaging which will enhance everything awesomely (except for those of us who are the Turtle from Rocko’s Modern Life and everything makes them nauseous).  The New York Yankees had the first 3D telecast of a baseball game on July 10 & 11, 2010 when they faced the Seattle Mariners and the technology has been upgraded much better since than as seen in the ability for people to go see box office movies in 3-D.

This is just one of the few things the Devils have done during the off-season, including free agent signings (I can’t wait for you, Marty Havlat), new concessions built in the arena (much like how the sushi lady knew my face by the end of the season — I have a feeling so will the Piri Piri chicken person) and, of course, continuing in the grandest of all New Jersey Devils traditions; if you are the brother, cousin, child, nephew of a former Devil, you can and will get a try-out as three of Marty Brodeur’s kids were at the developmental camp early in the summer.

Born and raised around the swamps of Northern New Jersey, 6 minutes away from East Rutherford and 11 minutes away from Newark (all with no traffic, of course), she is a giant New Jersey Devils fan whose greatest pieces of hockey memorabilia include a Patrik Elias Team Czech #25 shirsey, a Theo Fleury Calgary Flames action figure and a signed picture of Kevin Weekes smiling for the camera. She learned a long time ago that every Devils player that isn't Patrik Elias who she loves will probably be traded away, sent to Russia or just never get a call from Uncle Lou during contract negotiations and she has learned, after drinking a lot of Kool-Aid, that that is okay sometimes because Uncle Lou will always bring them back for the last year or so of their hockey life. Speaking of, she is also been one of the few women in the Bobby Holik Appreciation Fan Club since 1996 or so.


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