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Photo: Wolf Conservation Center

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so they say. Beauty can be experienced in different ways, for some taking in a sunset can be life altering, for others, stepping on a fresh sheet of ice does the trick. But the best kind of beauty is when your expectations are so far surpassed that the presence of something is breathtaking — being in the presence of wolves is not only breathtaking, but simply majestic. Often misunderstood, wolves have gotten a bad wrap for centuries, a concept that needs to change and quickly.

Atka the Ambassador Wolf

Atka the Ambassador Wolf

People often fear the unknown and getting to experience wolves isn’t something that one would normally encounter on a daily basis. Pink Puck TV had the amazing chance at an in depth tour to learn more about the beauty of the wolf at the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, New York.

“The Wolf Conservation Center teaches people about wolves, their relationship to the environment and the human role in protecting their future.”

Despite being a private facility, the Wolf Conservation Center provides an array of programs for those interested in learning more about everything wolf. Through Individual or Group Tours, Evening HOWL! Programs, Wolf Camp for Kids, Sleeping with Wolves, Off-Site Programs with Atka the Ambassador wolf, volunteer programs and more, the WCC strives to educate about the plight of the wolf and ways to help these spectacular animals flourish.

Wolves are captivating, if their howling isn’t enough (and we assure you, it’s an experience unlike any other), their intelligence, dedication and pure elegance will make you fall in love.

To learn more about wolves and how you can help, be sure to visit Wolf Conservation Center , like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!  If following them isn’t enough, be sure to sneak a peek at the live wolf cams inside a few of the enclosures.



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