Anyone following either Jimmy Fallon or the Montreal Canadiens on Twitter got to see the back and forth banter that would lead to the most talked about bet on the Eastern Conference Final.

The deal started with the Habs tweeted a possible deal to @JimmyFallon, who has over 12.7 million followers on Twitter. It almost fell apart early when the Tonight Show host rejected the team’s earlier suggestions if the Rangers won. Fallon wanted more than Youppi! wearing a Rangers jersey at the teams’ first meeting at Centre Bell, or the beloved mascot hand-delivering Quebec poutine in a Rangers jersey to Fallon’s Tonight Show band, the Roots.  Maybe they should have included some Roots clothing in the deal!

The former Saturday Night Live star, and new host of NBC’s Tonight Show, confirmed via Twitter that a deal had been stuck. If Montreal beats the Rangers, he will wear a Canadiens jersey during one of his monologues. However if the Rangers win, the @CanadiensMTL Twitter avatar will have to be Jimmy Fallon for a day, and Youppi! will have to shed the CH and dawn a Rangers jersey which will have to be worn around the city.

Within minutes of the bet becoming finalized, @NYRangers promised Fallon that they had his back, but the Canadiens have other plans. Now in addition to an Original Six Eastern Conference Final, the fans also get to look forward to some hockey laughs when the loser has to hold up their end of the deal.

The Tonight Show airs weekday nights on NBC at 11:35 p.m.

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