Following Game 6 of the New York Rangers – Pittsburgh Penguins series on Sunday evening, Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist was fined $5,000 for spraying Penguins captain Sidney Crosby.

The fine was for unsportsmanlike conduct, happening at the end of the second period. A gathering of players met near the net where Sidney Crosby was sent flying by Rangers defenseman Dan Girardi, and then after Lundqvist skated passed him, he dumped the remaining water in his face.

Along with Lundqvist, Boston Bruins Shawn Thornton also sprayed an opponent. During game 5 of the Boston Bruins – Montreal Canadiens series this past Saturday evening, Thornton had sprayed Canadiens defenseman PK Subban from the bench. After a few words exchanged between the two, Subban mentioned it to the refs. Shawn Thornton, who responded with a laugh at the time, regrets his behavior. Thornton has been fined $2,820.52 for this incident. This season, Thornton has forfeited a total of  $87,435.97, where did the other $84,615.45 come from? The answer, a 15-game suspension earlier in the season after an incident with Penguin Brooks Orpik.

Both series will be concluded in 7 games, one in Pittsburgh, and the other in Boston. The two winning teams will only have one more hill to climb before competing against a western conference team for the Stanley Cup in the final. Game 7 of the Pittsburgh, New York series will face-off tonight at 7 pm on NBCSports. Game 7 for Boston and Montreal will face-off Wednesday also at 7 pm on NBCSports.

Check your hearts at the door hockey fans, you’re in for an emotional week.



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