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Riley Dunda, a ’95 of Grimsby, Ontario and a forward for the Hamilton Red Wings (OJHL) suffered a stroke on Saturday morning.

Dunda’s father Richard said the stroke was caused by a clot in the carotid artery in his neck, which restricted blood flow to the brain.

“He has some brain damage and some new limitations. It’s still early so the extent of the impact on him is not yet fully known,” said Dunda in a statement released via his team’s social media. “Riley’s body is strong though and he is young and very healthy so we’re hopeful for what the future holds for him. Riley has a tremendous work ethic and is a determined young man.”

Dunda is currently in the ICU at Hamilton General Hospital. While doctors are still unsure of the the extent of damage caused from the stroke, his father said he does have brain damage and will have to face “new limitations.”

Dunda started the season in the OJHL with the Burlington Cougars, where he notched nine goals and eight assists in 35 games. He was traded to Hamilton, where registered three goals and two assists in 11 games. He had been training hard, looking to attain a Division I or CIS scholarship.

“He was dedicated to that goal. He wanted to be the best he could possibly be. Knowing our son and brother, he’ll continue striving for that goal, or one of equal challenge. He’s a fighter,” wrote Richard Dunda. “He’ll continue to need to love and support of his network of friends and family as he begins his road to recovery and overcoming his new set of challenges.”

Dunda’s father tweeted today that Riley was able to sit up and get out of bed for a while. His son has limited movement on his right side, Dunda said, though he does have feeling.

Hockey players have rallied on social media, using #fightrileyfight to express their love and support for Dunda.

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