My mother has stressed many points on my road to adulthood, while some were greater than others, there was one point that she always drove to the net; take care of your skin. No matter the length of your day or the extent of your exhaustion, take off your makeup and wash your face. Exfoliate, moisturize and give your skin the TLC it deserves. If you haven’t heard this advice in your life, I’m imparting it to you now.

Throughout my life, I’ve used many products. I’ve doled out money for expensive high end moisturizers, and scraped the bottom of the barrel with some mainstream brands.  If you’ve heard of it, I’ve probably tried it. Recently, after a 45 minute excursion in the beauty aisle at Target, I decided to give a new brand a try. Did I pick it because it was marked, non-oily, SPF 15, vitamins, no artificial perfume or dyes, etc, etc? No. I picked it because it was on sale, and you received a free package of makeup removing wipes with purchase, I love a bargain. Luckily, as it turns out, I also love the product.  Cue the Simple line.

2014-05-04 15.42.07Simple, Sensitive Skin Experts, Protecting Light Moisturizer: Not only do I have the curse of sensitive skin, but also a large dose of gothic pale skin that burns at the first sight of light. Seriously, I don’t sparkle like the vampires in Twilight, I burn up like an ant under a magnifying glass. I’m a huge believer in daily moisturizer with a low SPF and using it year round is a must. I’ve struggled to find a daily option that goes on and doesn’t leave my face feeling oily or smelling like the bottom of tote bag at the beach. I would be lying if I didn’t mention that the consistency of this was of great concern, it’s on the thicker side and a small amount will be all you need. But despite the thickness of the lotion, it smooths on nicely and absorbs quickly with no oily post moisturizing glow. It does have a faint sunscreen smell, but it’s not overpowering and it fades quickly. The line also offers a facial moisturizer without SPF and it has no scent whatsoever — don’t worry, I sat on the floor in Target and smelled all of the potential suitors. If you’re looking for a light moisturizer to wear on a daily basis over makeup or au natural, this is a stellar option.

Simple, Sensitive Skin Experts, Smoothing Facial Scrub: Until recently, I was unaware that exfoliating on a daily basis was a good thing. Prior to my revelation, I thought that exfoliating was a one to two times a week sort of regime, wrong. Exfoliation helps to remove the dead skin, which in turn brightens your face and leaves it feeling clean, smooth and ultimately, happy. Personally, since starting the daily exfoliation, I’ve noticed a considerable difference in my skin — it looks better and it feels better. A key of note here, is to pick a gentle facial scrub, rumors have circulated that products like St. Ives Apricot Face Scrub is terrible for your skin, as it’s rough and leaves tiny tears in your skin. Obviously, I’m not a professional — but that doesn’t sound like a good thing. The Simple, Smoothing Facial Scrub uses rice granules paired with vitamins E and B5, it’s gentle and for someone with sensitive skin, that’s a huge perk.

The line itself is dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic, they also have put money towards researching an alternative for animal testing. 

*I’ve used the line for a few weeks at this point and I enjoy it, I’m a believer in testing thing out before deciding to share them with our readers. This review is solely my own, there has been no contact with the company, I liked it, so I shared it, in the event our readers want to try it too! 

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