Guest post by Tina Francis:

Picture2Austin Hefferin, a Junior hockey player from South Florida, recently got diagnosed with a tumor and brain cancer at the age of 21. Austin’s team, the Florida Junior Blades won their last game of playoffs, naming them Champions for their regular and post season. The Junior Blades’ next stop was Nationals, where Austin thought he would be headed, until Austin received news that has changed his life forever. Tests and scans were done, and doctors found a tumor that had grown to be 2 inches. Thinking he had heard the worst, Austin was later informed they had found cancer in the brain and surgery was his only hope. On April 8, 2014 Austin underwent his surgery and the tumor was fully removed.

“Starting chemo therapy next week. Nothing can stop me from beating this!”



unnamedUnfortunately for Austin and his family, the battle is still not over. However, Austin’s courage and strength are higher than they’ve ever been. Austin has a hard time going a day without being on the ice and he still strongly believes his hockey career is not over. Some might think, how could this be possible for someone that has been through what he has? The answer is motivation and determination. Austin is the second oldest child of six, an assistant captain of his hockey team, a best friend to many, and a role model so many look up to – who have all kept him going in this time of need. Austin is committed to Becker, and will head up there in the summer for college, with high hopes to one day soon get back on the ice with the same passion and love for the game he has always had. With the help of community, hopefully we can get Austin and his family through this rough time with ease. Whether it be through words of encouragement, donations, or even prayers, every little bit counts.

To stay informed and help Austin’s fight, please follow on twitter @AustinsArmy18 and instagram @prayforaustinhefferin. You can also visit Austin’s gofundme page to donate and send well wishes



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