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Nowadays, you can find about a million different ideas regarding painting your nails. While I’m capable of painting my nails with a little steadier ability than the average 5 year old — painting elaborate designs with a toothpick just isn’t my style. Trust me, if I could, I absolutely would… but it’s just not a talent that I was gifted with. The most artistic I’ve ever gotten was with our Goalie Mask Nail Tutorial — and that was still a challenge.

But like most girls, sometimes I desire something a little different than the basic two coats of color. Cue adding a little sparkle to the nail life. No, I’m not talking about an entire coating of glitter circa 80’s prom — I’m talking a faint subdued combo that adds a little sparkle while remaining appropriate for whatever your week holds. By week, I mean the 3 minutes that my nails actually look stellar, and then it’s smudge city because I didn’t give them adequate drying time, because playing with the dog or heading to the rink was just a better option.

I’m not a fan of spending $10 for a bottle of nail polish that I will ultimately use three times in my life. If you want to put the money towards something, pick a great bottle of basecoat/topcoat, because you’ll use it every time. I’m not saying that I don’t own any expensive nail polish, I own about 40 colors because, who doesn’t? But they range in price and that’s okay!

I’m a firm believer in the application process being the main factor in how your nails look, not the cost of the polish itself.

photo (2)Materials

Orly, Spring Shower Kisses, $5.99
Wet n’ Wild, Mega Blast Gold, $.99
Sally Hansen Strong as Nails Basecoat/Topcoat, $8.99

The application order: 
Two coats of Spring Shower Kisses
One coat of Mega Blast Gold

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