By Mckenzie Lavoie

Four years ago I left the big and bright lights of NHL Broadcasting, because I wanted to make a difference. I was told, that one person couldn’t change the world.

I’m writing today, because I need your help.

Police dogs risk their lives every day working with law enforcement agencies throughout the country.  In most cases, departments are not given funding to provide the K9’s with the potentially life saving vests.

To their handlers and their fellow officers, K9’s are so much more than equipment. They are officers, they are best friends, they’re often the reason their handlers make it home safe to their families. They live together, train together, work together, and a K9 will give his life, without hesitation to protect his officers. In January alone, four K9’s in the United States gave their lives in the ultimate sacrifice.

Thanks to Vested Interest in K9s, Inc., a Massachusetts based non-profit; Police, Sheriff , and Departments of Correction throughout the United States will be receiving ballistic protective vests through a nationwide GROUPON (donations of $10.00, $20.00 or $50.00) event that has raised upwards of $280,000.00.  The event, with all donations, is dedicated to fallen K9 Rocco of the Pittsburgh Police Department, an eight year-old German Shepherd who was fatally injured in a stabbing on January 29th 2014. The campaign runs through March 5th at 11:59pm Eastern Standard time. Groupons may be purchased here!

Vesting these four legged K9 officers is as much for the handler as it is for the K9. I could write pages to detail the bond between an officer and his K9, but words words would never do it justice. When you witness something so powerful, you are often left powerless to speak.

What I can explain is that Police Officers are often under appreciated. They work holidays and weekends. The victory championship parades we so greatly enjoy – we enjoy because they are there keeping order. Keeping our families safe. They do not come out to flashing lights or applause. And you will most likely never ask one of them for their autograph. Now you have the opportunity to give an officer and his K9 the protection they so greatly need and deserve.

You may not be able to change the world. But to one officer, you can save his.


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