Scrambling for Christmas gift ideas you can throw together on a dime and still impress?
Look no further, The Pink Puck has you covered.

Many of our talented writers have shown off their crafty side with these DIY projects, and the holidays are a perfect time to try them out for yourself… Or you know, for that hockey fan in your life who has everything else already.

Knockoff Anthropologie Lace Top DIY

 A beautiful hockey-fied top inspired by an Anthropologie design, without the price-tag!

DIY Hockey Activity/Place mats

Hockey themed activity mats for your table

DIY Hockey T’s

 Three ways to refashion those old hockey t-shirts

 DIY Hockey Earrings

 Key chain charms turned hockey jewelry!

 Hockey Card Collage

 Something to do with all those hockey player cards…

 NHL Peter Pan Collar Tutorial

 A hockey twist on a fashion trend

 DIY: Hockey Carry Pouch and Card Holder

A hockey pouch for anything


Born in the “non-traditional” hockey market of South Florida, Elizabeth (Beth) quickly grew to love the sport at a very young age after her Buffalo-bred family introduced her to the Sabres. High school friends who didn’t care about hockey couldn't understand her withdrawals during the 2004-05 lockout, but college would bring a hockey loving boyfriend (and best friend) to whom she could finally relate. A South Florida native himself, and an avid Florida Panthers fan, he got her into the home team. Together they work for their college hockey club (the FAU Owls), broadcasting games. Beth is a huge USA Hockey fan and hopes to see them win Olympic gold in her lifetime. Between her 2 favorite NHL teams, her college squad, and USA Hockey, it's hard to tell which team she loves most, but she is passionate about them all.


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