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It’s that time again, Pink Puck-ers! Not only are we getting some terms defined by Manchester Monarch’s Nick Shore, but it’s my pleasure to bring you this week’s “Learning the game” topic.  So far, we’ve learned about team positions, the rink, and now we’re learning about what makes the Pink Puck, the Pink Puck with everything P-U-C-K. Yes, that’s right, we’re learning about the Puck!



Erm, as much as I want it to be, maybe not THIS puck….


More like THIS puck…


Now, we have a TON of terms tonight, so bear with me my fellow hockey fans. We’re going to use our great A to Z Guide to Hockey Terms by Tim Moshansky once more and start with this week’s more important term:

The Puck-Otherwise known as the biscuit or the rubber, this is a frozen, vulcanized rubber disk used to play hockey. NHL regulations say the puck should be one inch thick, three inches in diameter, and weighs between five and a half and six ounces. All pucks have to be approved before use. It’s up to the home team to provide the puck supply for each game and should be kept in a frozen state.

Bobble the puck– This is when a player moves the puck back and forth with the blade of the stick.

Bouncing puck– As many know, but some may not, pucks are typically frozen before game to keep them from bouncing. Since the puck is made from rubber, it’s prone to bouncing. Even if it’s frozen, the puck can bounce, which makes it hard to hit with a stick.

Clear the puck– Is when a player gets the puck out of the defensive zone when the other team is pressing.

Cough up the puck– Personally, I think this one sounds funnier than it is really. It’s when a player or goalie has the puck, loses control, and the puck is easily stolen from them.

Cycle the puck– This is when a team has the puck in the other team’s zone and passes from player to player looking for an open teammate for a clear shot at the net.

Dead puck– A dead puck happens when the whistle is blown and the puck is considered not playable or “dead”.

Deflection-Poor little pucky, this is when the puck is shot and it hits another player, stick, etc., and changes direction.

Falling on the puck– When a player falls on top of the puck deliberately, covering it with his body, a penalty is called. This is “Falling on the puck”.

Fan on the puck-I think this one is every players goof moment, but everyone has to experience it. Fan on the puck is when a player goes to shoot or pass the puck and manages to get their stick right over the top instead.

Feed the puck-This one is easy, it’s when a player passes the puck to another player as they skate ahead of you.

Freeze the puck– Who knew, but this one has two definitions. The first is when a player used their stick/skate to press the puck against the boards or another surface to stop it from moving. The second is something we’ve already mentioned, this is when they freeze the puck before games so that they move across the ice easier.

Handling puck with hands-This is a penalty which is called on any player who closes their hands on the puck or carries the puck with him or her as they skate.

Knuckle ball– A term borrowed from baseball, but means when the puck wobbles and then changes direction. This is very difficult for the goalie to stop.

Loose biscuit-A slang term for when the puck is on ice, but not controlled by a player.

Pick the pocket– You took my puck? You can’t take my puck! That’s right, this is when another player takes the puck away from an opposing player.

Pick up the garbage– This is when a player finds a loose puck in front of the net and then attempts to put the puck into the net.

Play the man– So, this isn’t when you go on a date with a guy and then never call him. Actually, ladies and gents, this is when a player who’s carrying the puck ignores the puck and makes contact with the player.

Play the puck– When you play the puck, you’re ignoring the opposing player with the puck and attempting to get it away from him.

Puck control– Keeping the puck away from other players and maintaining command of it at the same time.

Puck movement– This term describes how well a team passes the puck.

Puck on a string– A sign of a skilled player, puck on a string means that a player handles the puck so well that is looks as if the puck is attached to their stick on a string.

Puck protection– Just as it seems, this is when a player or team keeps the puck in their possession, essentially protecting it from the opposing team.

Puck support-This is when a player provides defensive or offensive support for another player on your team while they have the puck.

Puck possession-When the last team to touch the puck is said to have possession of the puck.

Ragging the puck– Essentially, this is when a player uses up time on the clock when the final moments of a period or game are near.

Rolling puck– Another term like it sounds, this is when a puck rolls like a wheel instead of being flat on the ice. Sometimes this is called a knuckle ball because rolling pucks are erratic.

Skipper– This is when a puck skips along the ice surface after a shot or pass.

Win the draw-When a team gains possession of the puck during a face-off.

Illegal puckThe NHL website describes this as, “If at any time while play is in progress, a puck other than the one legally in play shall appear on the playing surface, the play shall not be stopped but shall continue with the puck until the play then in progress is completed by change of possession”.

I can only say one thing that I learned about puck terms…WHOA, I did not realize there would be so many! It’s also really interesting how regulated the puck has to be, when we’re watching the game we often don’t take that into consideration. Now, let’s get to what you’re all TRULY waiting for–Manchester Monarch’s Nick Shore–defining for us today, icing, plus/minus tracking, and the penalty shot.



That was great, Nick Shore, we here at the Pink Puck would like to extend a HUGE thank you to you and the Manchester Monarch’s for helping us out with our Learning the game segment. It’s that time again, Pink Puck-ers, I bid you adieu. Thank you all for your continued support and I’ll be back next week with another video and more terms.


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Note: Hey guys, since I’m just learning, if you think I’ve missed something give me a shout out! Or, if you want to know more term information and think I should write an article about it–let me know. I’ve provided a way to get in contact with me above and would love to hear from you. Thanks so much for your support.


Moshansky, T. (2010). A to z guide to hockey terms (2nd ed.). Vancouver, BC: First Wave Publishing.


  1. “Fan on the puck-” also know as “the whiff!” lol, that’s what the boyfriend calls it.

    plus/minus is a very good thing to cover especially for anybody in a fantasy league who is unfamiliar with the concept. Since we just started one here, this is excellent timing!

    I’ve got to say, as someone not new to the game, I knew most of these terms but some I’ve never heard before! Ragging?! And how interesting would it be to see an illegal puck on the ice and not have the play stop. I expect that would throw anyone not paying attention for a loop!

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