Fair warning, this will be a pun-filled post as Kings prospect Linden Vey earned his first NHL point in only his second NHL game.


This will be brief as there a bunch of other, better recaps out there. You can check out HailRover’s recap at Jewels from the Crown here, LA Kings Insider intern James Nicholson has the highlights here and as this was a Hockey Night in Canada featured game, the CBC has a nice recap here. LA Kings Insider also The View from Vancouver that has recaps from various Vancouver publications.

The first period was a fairly typical tight contest between these two very good western conference (and now division) rivals. Both teams spent extended amounts of time in both ends of the ice with Luongo and Quick putting on a goalie clinic and stopping everything that went their way in the first 10 minutes. With just under 8 minutes left to go, Canucks’ defenseman Dan Hamhuis was standing at the Kings’ blue line and was attempting to keep the puck in the zone when he accidentally stepped on the puck and went down. Rookie Linden Vey took full advantage to start the breakout. With speed, he carried the puck into the offensive zone, slid the puck between former LA King Brad Richardson’s legs and passed the puck to Jordan Nolan, who wasted no time in burying the puck with Daniel Carcillo acting as a screen. This was the beginning of a great Vey for the Kings.

But Veyt just a minute! (I told ya it’d get punny.) Not to be outdone, fellow Manchester linemate and rookie, Tyler Toffoli decided to get in on the scoring action with his first goal of the season and second point in three games since his call up. With less than a minute to go and both teams skating 4-on-4, Mike Richards, Drew Doughty and Toffoli started a 3-on-2 rush. Richards got the puck to Doughty who passed it to Toffoli who made no mistake putting it on net. The puck appeared to deflect off Toffoli’s skate but was deemed a good goal as it was not a distinct kicking motion.

Los Angeles decided to make things interesting by giving the Canucks a power play to start the beginning of the second period (Doughty, holding). It appeared that the Canucks had scored on the power play but turns out, it was just Alex Burrows kicking the puck in. No goal.  Just over midway through the period, the Canucks finally got on the board with a slapshot from Hamhuis in the high slot. Quick was well screened on the play and it appeared that everyone had simply lost sight of the puck.

But the Kings wouldn’t go quietly into the night accepting a 2-1 game. Just under three minutes later, the Kings would score twice more and Luongo got the hook. However, Eddie Lack didn’t stand a chance on a Tyler Toffoli breakaway. He and Mike Richards had a two-on-one and he held onto the puck for what seemed like forever. A bit of give and go and an easy goal for Toffoli who put it into the wide open net. Trevor Lewis nearly added to the score on a bad turnover with a breakaway but unfortunately, couldn’t convert. Poor Lewis is so snake bitten, it seems unlikely he’d even be able to score on an empty net.

Neither team was able to score on the Power Vey and no more scoring was to be had in the third period.


So did the Kings dominate the game as much as the score would suggest or did the Canucks play poorly?

fenwick-graph-2013-11-09-canucks-kings (1)

According to the Fenwick chart from ExtraSkater.com, the game was a lot closer than perhaps the score indicated. Both teams combined for 58 shots on goal (Vancouver 26, Los Angeles 32) and of the 57 faceoffs, Vancouver won 27 while Los Angeles won 28.

Looking at the Shot Attempts chart from Extra Skater, it’s clear that both teams were pretty good with the puck possession.

Shot attempts (corsi events)

Per. Time Team for Event Type Distance Shooter Situation
1 0:13 VAN Shot Wrist 44 ft. Sedin EV 5v5
1 0:35 L.A Miss Slap 60 ft. Voynov EV 5v5
1 0:47 L.A Block Slap Muzzin (blocked by Tanev) EV 5v5
1 0:50 L.A Shot Wrist 32 ft. Williams EV 5v5
1 1:33 L.A Shot Back 9 ft. Richards EV 5v5
1 1:38 L.A Block Slap Toffoli (blocked by Garrison) EV 5v5
1 1:41 L.A Shot Slap 51 ft. Martinez EV 5v5
1 3:57 VAN Miss Slap 65 ft. Edler EV 5v5
1 4:20 L.A Shot Back 31 ft. Williams EV 5v5
1 4:24 L.A Block Slap Regehr (blocked by Burrows) EV 5v5
1 4:48 VAN Block Wrist Higgins (blocked by Regehr) EV 5v5
1 4:50 VAN Shot Wrist 12 ft. Santorelli EV 5v5
1 5:01 VAN Shot Snap 27 ft. Burrows EV 5v5
1 5:03 VAN Shot Wrist 10 ft. Higgins EV 5v5
1 5:37 VAN Shot Tip 18 ft. Higgins EV 5v5
1 5:57 VAN Shot Wrist 9 ft. Sedin EV 5v5
1 6:22 VAN Miss Wrist 25 ft. Sedin EV 5v5
1 6:27 VAN Shot Wrist 14 ft. Sedin EV 5v5
1 6:28 VAN Shot Back 20 ft. Kesler EV 5v5
1 6:44 VAN Miss Wrist 63 ft. Bieksa EV 5v5
1 8:08 L.A Shot Slap 45 ft. Nolan EV 5v5
1 9:16 VAN Shot Slap 79 ft. Bieksa EV 5v5
1 9:31 L.A Block Wrist Frattin (blocked by Hamhuis) EV 5v5
1 9:34 L.A Shot Slap 25 ft. Frattin EV 5v5
1 9:41 L.A Shot Slap 54 ft. Regehr EV 5v5
1 9:59 VAN Block Slap Sedin (blocked by Mitchell) EV 5v5
1 10:08 L.A Miss Back 11 ft. Kopitar EV 5v5
1 10:35 L.A Block Slap Williams (blocked by Garrison) EV 5v5
1 11:15 VAN Shot Wrist 13 ft. Higgins EV 5v5
1 11:35 L.A Shot Slap 35 ft. Richards EV 5v5
1 11:48 L.A Miss Wrist 42 ft. Toffoli EV 5v5
1 12:23 L.A Goal Wrist 23 ft. Nolan (assisted by Vey, Martinez) EV 5v5
1 12:54 VAN Miss Back 10 ft. Sedin EV 5v5
1 13:38 VAN Miss Slap 46 ft. Tanev EV 5v5
1 13:54 VAN Miss Snap 37 ft. Burrows EV 5v5
1 14:11 L.A Miss Slap 39 ft. Doughty EV 5v5
1 14:15 L.A Shot Slap 48 ft. Clifford EV 5v5
1 14:23 L.A Block Wrist Toffoli (blocked by Santorelli) EV 5v5
1 15:56 L.A Miss Wrist 36 ft. Vey EV 5v5
1 18:13 VAN Shot Slap 39 ft. Sedin PP 5v4
1 18:34 VAN Shot Wrist 43 ft. Kesler PP 5v4
1 19:09 L.A Goal Tip 8 ft. Toffoli (assisted by Doughty, Richards) EV 4v4
1 19:33 VAN Block Wrist Kesler (blocked by Mitchell) EV 4v4
1 19:49 VAN Shot Slap 38 ft. Edler EV 4v4
2 0:15 VAN Shot Wrist 39 ft. Higgins EV 4v4
2 1:08 VAN Shot Wrist 10 ft. Burrows PP 5v4
2 2:30 VAN Shot Snap 47 ft. Higgins EV 5v5
2 3:23 L.A Miss Wrist 45 ft. Doughty EV 5v5
2 3:35 L.A Block Wrist Doughty (blocked by Stanton) EV 5v5
2 5:09 L.A Shot Wrist 39 ft. Doughty EV 5v5
2 5:25 L.A Miss Wrist 61 ft. Doughty EV 5v5
2 5:40 L.A Shot Snap 52 ft. Martinez EV 5v5
2 6:19 L.A Miss Slap 50 ft. Toffoli EV 5v5
2 6:33 L.A Shot Back 36 ft. King EV 5v5
2 6:52 L.A Shot Snap 19 ft. Williams EV 5v5
2 7:47 VAN Block Back Dalpe (blocked by Mitchell) EV 5v5
2 7:56 VAN Shot Wrist 65 ft. Hamhuis EV 5v5
2 8:18 VAN Miss Tip 14 ft. Archibald EV 5v5
2 8:50 VAN Shot Wrist 24 ft. Bieksa EV 5v5
2 8:52 VAN Goal Slap 45 ft. Hamhuis (assisted by Bieksa, Kesler) EV 5v5
2 9:19 VAN Shot Wrist 87 ft. Edler EV 5v5
2 9:27 VAN Block Wrist Burrows (blocked by Richards) EV 5v5
2 10:00 L.A Goal Wrist 11 ft. Richards (assisted by King, Toffoli) EV 5v5
2 10:34 L.A Shot Slap 66 ft. Voynov EV 5v5
2 10:43 L.A Block Wrist Lewis (blocked by Stanton) EV 5v5
2 11:34 L.A Block Wrist Voynov (blocked by Kesler) EV 5v5
2 11:46 L.A Goal Wrist 10 ft. Williams (assisted by Kopitar, Voynov) EV 5v5
2 12:33 L.A Goal Wrist 12 ft. Toffoli (assisted by Richards, King) EV 5v5
2 12:52 VAN Miss Snap 41 ft. Archibald EV 5v5
2 14:48 VAN Shot Wrist 41 ft. Burrows EV 5v5
2 17:27 VAN Shot Slap 43 ft. Welsh EV 5v5
2 17:47 VAN Miss Wrist 26 ft. Welsh EV 5v5
2 18:11 L.A Shot Wrist 59 ft. Mitchell EV 5v5
2 18:34 VAN Block Wrist Edler (blocked by Martinez) EV 5v5
2 19:04 L.A Shot Wrist 14 ft. Lewis EV 5v5
2 19:20 L.A Block Slap Voynov (blocked by Archibald) EV 5v5
3 0:14 VAN Shot Wrist 37 ft. Higgins EV 5v5
3 2:12 L.A Shot Slap 12 ft. Martinez PP 5v4
3 2:39 L.A Shot Slap 59 ft. Voynov PP 5v4
3 2:56 VAN Miss Tip 11 ft. Burrows EV 5v5
3 4:39 VAN Block Wrist Edler (blocked by Martinez) EV 5v5
3 5:15 L.A Block Wrist Muzzin (blocked by Burrows) PP 5v4
3 5:20 L.A Shot Wrist 40 ft. Toffoli PP 5v4
3 6:33 L.A Miss Slap 50 ft. Voynov PP 5v4
3 6:47 L.A Shot Tip 11 ft. Brown PP 5v4
3 7:38 L.A Block Wrist Lewis (blocked by Hamhuis) EV 5v5
3 8:33 L.A Shot Slap 38 ft. Brown EV 5v5
3 9:18 VAN Miss Wrist 35 ft. Richardson EV 5v5
3 9:57 L.A Block Wrist Voynov (blocked by Tanev) EV 5v5
3 10:19 L.A Shot Wrist 37 ft. Nolan EV 5v5
3 10:48 L.A Shot Wrist 18 ft. Richards EV 5v5
3 10:59 L.A Miss Slap 55 ft. Doughty EV 5v5
3 11:42 VAN Shot Wrist 18 ft. Welsh EV 5v5
3 11:50 VAN Miss Wrist 38 ft. Dalpe EV 5v5
3 12:13 VAN Shot Slap 57 ft. Tanev EV 5v5
3 12:45 VAN Shot Slap 129 ft. Edler SH 4v5
3 13:13 L.A Block Slap Muzzin (blocked by Burrows) PP 5v4
3 13:42 L.A Miss Slap 49 ft. Doughty PP 5v4
3 14:20 L.A Shot Slap 31 ft. Brown PP 5v4
3 15:10 L.A Shot Slap 58 ft. Mitchell EV 5v5
3 15:19 L.A Block Wrist Mitchell (blocked by Archibald) EV 5v5
3 16:41 VAN Block Back Burrows (blocked by Kopitar) EV 5v5
3 17:02 L.A Shot Snap 17 ft. Kopitar EV 5v5
3 17:13 L.A Miss Slap 58 ft. Martinez EV 5v5
3 17:43 VAN Block Wrist Edler (blocked by Frattin) EV 5v5
3 17:50 VAN Miss Snap 44 ft. Archibald EV 5v5
3 19:27 L.A Shot Wrist 53 ft. Toffoli EV 5v5
3 19:50 VAN Miss Slap 62 ft. Stanton EV 5v5


So the Kings clearly didn’t dominate the game but they simply played the right Vey by capitalizing on the mistakes the Canucks made, who were just not having a Veyry good Vey. It was a hard-fought battle between two teams in one of the toughest divisions in the NHL. This time, the Kings came out on top.

Next up for the Kings, a suddenly injury riddled squad will take a 4 game road swing out East before returning home to host the Tampa Bay Lightning on the 19th and hand them their first loss to a Western team. It’s worth noting that Jarret Stoll, who had been out for the past week with an upper body injury (thankfully not a concussion) participated in full practice today and is eligible to travel with the team. Meanwhile, Jeff Carter remains on IR and Matt Greene is out with some sort of “Mystery Valley” injury. Kyle Clifford, who “got his bell rung” in the first period of Saturday’s Canucks game did not take part in practice and will likely have to go through strict League concussion protocols before being allowed to return to the ice. Should call ups be necessary, the Kings will likely look to LW Tanner Pearson on offense and potentially one of three possible defensemen Andrew Campbell, Andrew Bodnarchuk or Jeff Schultz for some backup on the blueline.

For more great puns, check out LAKings.com’s Tweets of the Game.

Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, I sort of grew up an LA Kings fan by default. My dad was into hockey and then my brother got into hockey and I found that I sorta liked this hockey stuff. Go Kings.



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