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If you haven’t heard about Be the Game, you’re truly missing out. Founded in 2008 by Joe Drexler, the program lends a glove in a variety of ways, all aimed towards being kind and ending bullying.

“An organization dedicated to making a difference in children’s lives. Inspired by an act of kindness that bestowed upon him and his family, the torch was lit and Joe decided he was going to give back too. Since Be The Game was founded in 2008, Joe has dedicated his life to build strong kids from the inside out through the power of sport and his BTG-Strongkids school and sports programs. Recognizing that 1 in 3 families can’t afford to put their children in youth sports, Joe created Be The Game to help children build their confidence, self esteem, character and to develop tomorrow’s leaders today within these children.”

While love for the game conquers all in a child’s’ eyes, the opportunity to play is costly and for some families not a viable option. Be The Game skated to the net and created their “Be the Game Pro Hockey Camps for Deserving Children”, the camps exist to give the gift of camp to children in need at no cost to them or their families. While the camp is a positive experience that touches many, Be the Game has a much greater outreach that expands past the rink walls and floods into schools across Canada and now the United States as well.

Holding the attention span of a child can be a difficult one, but engaging them and allowing them to be interactive often proves more beneficial. The 21 Day Challenge does just that in it’s efforts to prevent bullying;

“The 21 Day Challenge to End Bullying was developed as an interactive program that conditions the students mindset to focus on positives and helping one another rather then hurting one another.” 

The challenge gives students the tools for learning, helping them to shift into a positive mindset, complete with daily booklets to track their kindness and school wide inspirational morning PA announcements. While the 21 Day Challenge has touched many students, the program and Be the Game are about to bring positive influence to so many more. In September the #KindEverytime Tour launched, hitting the road from September 2013 – June 2014 the tour will visit over 100 cities across the US and Canada.

Bringing the challenge to schools can be a costly one and the desire to grow awareness is at the forefront of the program. Fundraising is the first stop in helping to bring the challenge to more schools and classrooms across North America. Be the Game has partnered up with the artistic talent at Hockey Spirit Calendars in a creative fundraising effort.

HockeySpirit-Web-NewThe purchase of one Hockey Spirit Calendar  affords 20 children to be apart of Be the Games programs. Your donation of $20 CAD allows you the opportunity to support the efforts of a fantastic program, while reaping the benefits of a beautiful hockey calendar. If you love the game, you know the spirit that comes with it, the feeling you get when you step onto the ice or watch a loved one shoot the puck for the first time – the calendar encompasses that and quite beautifully.

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We support kindness, do you?

For more information head to Be the Game and Hockey Spirit Calendars.

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