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What You’ll Need:

Nail Polish remover: for removing excess red polish

Red Nail Polish: for the blood

White Nail Polish: for the base

Cotton Pad: for removing excess red polish

Straw: for the blood splatter

Lotion: Not neccessary, but putting lotion around your cuticles allows for easier removal of polish that ends up on your fingers.

Some sort of mat: This can get messy so it’s smart to put a towel, tray, or old placemate down that you don’t mind getting messy.



Start off my painting your nails with the white base….I used Avon’s Speed Dry white pearl.



Let dry and then take the straw, dipping it in the red…..again I used Avon’s red lacquer.

I do not have a picture of this part, but lift the straw above your thumb (or whatever finger you desire to start with) and blow into the top of the straw. It will come out and splatter onto your finger. You may get one or two nails out of each fill up.



Tra-la blood splatter nail art. All that’s left to do is clean up around your cuticles.





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