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This week’s Throwback Thursday features one of Patrik Elias’ favorite moments in his career. His favorite moment? The 2000 Stanley Cup win.

“For me, it’s winning the first Stanley Cup by far and the whole journey,” Elias said with a smile in his eyes as he revisited this fond memory. “That feeling at the end…you’re excited and then relieved that it’s over. It’s not just the excitement that we won, it’s just the really oh my god…it’s over.

“I know what I expected before the celebrations…it was going nuts. It was the best time. After the game, we went back to the hotel after the game and we were sitting there until 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning and just kind of talked. That’s it. Talked with the guys. Larry [Robinson] was there with us at the table.

“Just talking…what it meant and what we just accomplished. That’s the one thing that kind of sticks out in my mind.”

With what seems like the Devils taking pages out of the 1995 Cup year and the 2000 Cup year to build the 2013 team, did Elias see any similarities going into this season from what he saw at the start of the 1999-00 season?

“You can’t,” he said of seeing the similarities. “You have no idea at the beginning.”

Ken Daneyko said that he knew the Devils would win the Cup that year, because the team was all about skill…skill up the wazoo.

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