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Blackhawks/Germany nail art

Bases: Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Wet N Wild MegaLast Red Tape

Detail work: So Easy Yellow, Green, white, black, orange.

For the C and mallets I used a detail brush and outlined the C using a toothpick

The french manicure Chicago stripes was made using a white base and paingint on black stripes

The feathers did take a couple of tries, but a simple way to make them is by making two crescent shapes per feather. The next step is to colour in the feather and then use a toothpick to draw in the details within the feather.

When I did these nails for the playoffs, it coincided with Wake the Line (wakeboard) competition in Germany, so I was able to use that to my benefit as it was the same as the Blackhawk colours. Other things that can be drawn in it’s place would be a Stanley cup or the word ‘Chicago.’



Ottawa Senators

I’m going to flat out say these weren’t my favourite, and it was kind of a rush job for that night’s game.

Regardless I used their third jersey ‘O’ for my thumb since their real logo is difficult to draw, and the jersey stripe on the rest of my fingers.

Bases: Wet N Wild Red Tape, Essie Sand Tropez (taupe on thumb) and Avon Licorice (black).

Gold Stripe was a mix of So Easy gold and Sinful Colors Flower Girl.

For the ‘O’ (which can be done by drawing a ‘C’ and a backwards ‘C’ was done with Ornaments nail art black’ pen and the red and gold outlines were of course So Easy Red and Gold

Sens was written in Ornaments white nail art pen.


If you don’t have a nail art pen or detail brushes, paint brushes that you buy at any craft store can be used in it’s place. The thinner the brush the better.




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