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Oilers nail art

Colours used:

Blue base/French Tip: Sinful Colors Endless Blue

White base: Sinful Colors Snow Me White

Orange Base: Essie 913 Orange It’s Obvious

For the stripes and oil drop I used: Sinful Colors (nail art pen) Sunset, So Easy Stripe Right White, and So Easy navy

To make orange stripes on blue nail look more vivid use a white base and cover that in the orange

For the ‘Oilers’ I used Ornaments nail art pen to write the word and covered that in So Easy Navy




Islanders Nail Art

Same colours as the Oilers nail art.

For all details I used the Ornaments Nail Art Pen and for the ‘island’ and ‘islanders’ I covered the white with Sinful Colors Sunset



San Jose Sharks

Bases: Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Rise and Shine

Stripes: So Easy White, black, and Blue/Green and Sinful Colors Sunset

Again on the darker nails I used a white base before putting the ‘sunset’ orange on top.

‘SJ’ was written freehand in the blue/green color and outlined in Ornaments black pen

The Sharks was written in Ornaments white and outlined in ornaments black



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