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With the second cut coming out of San Jose Sharks training camp, the Worcester Sharks are ready to open up their training camp for the 2013-2014 season. Camp opens on Monday, September 23rd with team meetings. The players will then hit the ice on Tuesday, September 24th. The current roster stands at 34 players with more to come when San Jose makes additional cuts.

Worcester’s current training camp roster, which can be found here, features 21 forwards, 10 defensemen, and 3 goaltenders. They added 11 players on professional tryout agreements to the 7 players on AHL contracts and 16 players assigned by San Jose. Sharks fans can expect to see a lot of returning faces this season.

The Sharks play in 3 preseason games as part of training camp. Worcester heads down to face off against the Hartford Wolfpack on Wednesday, September 24th. Then, they have their lone “home” game when they host the Providence Bruins at New England Sports Center in Marlboro, MA on Friday, September 27th. They then head down to Providence for a final game on Saturday, September 28th. Catch the full schedule for camp here.

A New England girl, born and raised, Jessica Higham has grown up loving few things more than hockey. Although she has never considered herself to be a good skater, she fell in love with hockey back when boys still had cooties and that love has only grown since. She genuinely wishes she had been alive to enjoy ‘Miracle on Ice’ and considers it to be one of the greatest moments in US history. Nothing compares to the feeling of September coming and signaling the start of a new season, complete with a whole new set of ups and downs. After having been an avid reader and occasional writer, Jessica wanted to try putting the two loves together and writing about hockey. Aside from hockey, Jessica also loves music, going to concerts, animals, and walking on the beach. Email: jessica@thepinkpuck.com @JessicaHigham


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