New Vancouver Canucks Head Coach John Tortorella does not want his players to get too social on Twitter. In a statement Thursday, he warns the Vancouver players to limit their use, however will not impose a complete ban.

“I’m not going to handcuff them and treat them like little kids,’ he said. “There better be no information coming out the locker-room with that damn Twitter. It’s nothing but trouble.”

Several players on the team regularly tweet, including goaltender Roberto Luongo (@strombone1). A number of other Canucks, including wingers David Booth (@D_Booth7) and Alex Burrows (@aburr14), also use it.

Ironically, Torts, a dog lover, has his own Twitter page (@JohnTortorella2), which he uses for charitable initiatives related to canines. “I think it’s tremendous for charity work,” he said. “It helped me tremendously in our dog walk out in New York, and we raised a ton of money. It’s not for (posting): ‘Here I am. I’m having a roast beef sandwich. I’m saying hello to my fans.’

Tortorella is well-known for clashing with media during his days as a coach of the New York Rangers. He has been trying to get along better with reporters and improve his image since touching down on the Westcoast, but said, “some of the stuff needs to stay in the room too”.

Other Vancouver Canucks to follow, or now maybe not so much:

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