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You just got home, you’re running late, and you need to find something to eat before you go cheer on your favourite team. Rink food can be both unhealthy and unappetizing, here is a quick and easy meal to keep you on track.
Chicken Pot Pie Soup
One can of cream of chicken soup
Two cans of cream of potato soup
One can of peas
One can of carrots
One can of corn
Two cups of cubed chicken breasts (can be boiled the night before to save time)

Total time to prepare: 25-30 minutes if boiling chicken, 15-20 minutes if chicken is pre-boiled
1. Chop and boil chicken (if chicken is pre-boiled skip this step)
2. Add all canned ingredients to one pot
3. Once all of the canned ingredients are mixed together and starting to warm, add chicken, stir and let it cook for about 10 minutes
You will have a LOT of leftovers! Keep in mind that it can be frozen and kept for a lazy day as well.



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