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By Kristen Brunsdon

Recently there has been this huge buzz on a new product called Tonica Kombucha. I did some research on it myself and it is said to be a raw organic tonic with a spin from an ancient healing beverage. It is made from 100 percent raw digestive enzymes and natural all organic ingredients! Kombucha is said to boost your metabolism and heighten your energy naturally with only 45 calories a bottle. There is minimal sugar content and high amounts of beneficial bacteria.

Some ingredients that Kombucha contains are:
-organic enzymes
-vital animo acids
-gluconic and gluroconic acids(which rejuvenate your liver.

Some benefits of Kombucha are:
-increase of metabolism
-decrease of body fat
-balancing of sugar levels
-increase of energy
-improved PH balance which results in mental clarity.

Tonica Kombucha offers six different flavours – ginger rapture, green tea revival, nude brew, peach revolution, mango passion and vibrant blueberry. There are also many recipes on how to make Kombucha cocktails at home. This is perfect for someone who is looking to shed a few pounds but refuse to give up the occasional sweet drink!

The vibrant blueberry sounds very appealing in my books. With the right diet and exercise this drink can help keep you in shape and looking good over the off season!

For more information on Kombucha visit the website at:


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