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By Ariel Carron

As the Stanley Cup finals take off and we watch the Bruins vs. Blackhawks in wild anticipation, there is a lot for us hockey lovin’ women to worry about. Now, there’s a ton to plan out, whether it’s what we’re eating for munchies or what we’re wearing to the game, we know, it’s all important. With that being said, I’ve helped you out with some makeup ideas! Don’t stress any longer–just look at some of these designs for the upcoming games. There’s every style from “Yes, I like hockey and I’m a girl” to “I AM THE BIGGEST FAN EVER OMG OMG”, so, behold the wonder…

Subtle Face BHOkay, our first makeup design is aimed at the Blackhawks. This is made for the girl who wants to make it obvious that she supports her team, but doesn’t want to paint a penguin, a bear, some tomahawks, or wear a big crown on her head. Notice this girl’s got her red eyeshadow for the lid, black shading at the corners, a white highlight, and some black liner. She tops it all off with some bright red lipstick.






Smokin' Sally

Smokin’ Sally

This next lady is supporting the Bruins (Whoot!). She’s rockin’ some cat eye with a hint of smokey. Her lid color consists of yellow-gold, the crease of her eyelid is shaded black, and her highlight is white. She also uses a bit of gold to edge the bottom of her eye. Next, create that sassy cat eye (tutorial here), add a bit of color to the lips and cheeks and she’s done!








I would categorize this look more along the lines of the “OMG BIGGEST FAN EVER” group. It’s obvious half of her face is painted the Blackhawks symbol.

Photo: WCVB TV

See the resemblance? Photo: WCVB TV






But at least it’s not this…

Photo: AFP NDTV Sports

Anyone else afraid of clowns? Photo: AFP NDTV Sports

Anyway, to achieve this look, use a darker (or lighter!) shade of foundation on one side of the face, outline the bridge of the nose, forehead, and chin. Next, look at a symbol and duplicate the markings. Add a red, green, and orange feather and there we have it. In contrast, if a Bruins player wanted to reach this level of fandom all they have to do is paint their face like a bear…



Bruins MakeupOur final design is for the fan who definitely wants their team displayed, but doesn’t want what some refer to as “gunk” on their face (Hmph!). She has a little bit of gold eye shadow on, some black eyeliner and the Bruins symbol on her cheek. This can either be free handed or you can buy a sticker depending on your artsy level. And because the Bruins are facing the Blackhawks, you could even do this with their tomahawk symbol.










Well, folks, we have four different designs for all girly to not so girly hockey fans. I’m going to leave you with some of my overall makeup tips:

1. Foundation is good, but it can also be bad (BB Creams anyone?).

2. If you don’t know how to do something–look for an online tutorial.

3. Blue eyeshadow is only acceptable, never, it’s never acceptable.

4. If all else fails: MASCARA.

Good luck to both teams! That is all, thanks!






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