Photo: The Pink Puck

Photo: The Pink Puck

As media, it’s all about professionalism – while being able to see good and bad in both teams on the ice. It’s about keeping your composure and resisting the urge to cheer while sitting among your colleagues. While being media allows you endless amazing opportunity, the reality is, sometimes it kind of stinks.

Yes, I said it and I’ll say it again, being media has it’s downfalls. What are they? Well, when you’re a Boston girl who has bled black and gold since the age of 6, trying to stay professional while praying your team wins the Cup is a fine line to skate.

I’ve barely made it through the first three rounds of playoffs alive, a Game 7 comeback win against Toronto put me on the edge of my seat. A Game 5 win against New York had me procuring a nervous tap every time the Rangers touched the puck. Then a Game 4 with the potential to sweep Pittsburgh, forget about it – sitting on my hands to refrain from fist pumping on press level was my only viable option. The realization that I’ve witnessed the Boston Bruins besting three teams, in three rounds has finally set in. I’ve seen three handshake lines with Boston as the victor, with every handshake one stride closer to repeating history. Now, just four wins away from the ultimate accomplishment and by far the greatest trophy in sports, the Stanley Cup.

The truth of the matter, it’s hard to be unbiased when Stanley’s involved.

It’s even harder to remain unbiased when it’s your first season with NHL credentials, for a website that you’ve worked so hard to create. I’ve witnessed Boston’s success and downfalls throughout the shortened season and grown to respect an organization from a different standpoint than most game in and game out.

As a hockey fan, I hope for a well fought series, as a Bostonian… how could I not want the chance to see Boston hoist the Stanley Cup, preferably on home ice and then have the opportunity to head to the locker room and celebrate such a historic accomplishment. It’s a chance that doesn’t skate around too often and for that, I’m truly grateful.

Photo: Winter Adams

Photo: Winter Adams

As a young hockey girl growing up, I hoped for the chance to see the Stanley Cup in any venue possible, I dreamed of kissing hockey’s holy grail (something that I did accomplish). Of course, the wish to not only see the cup, but witness my home team win it was always there. In 2011 the wish became a reality when the Boston Bruins defeated the Vancouver Canucks.

But wishes often hatch larger dreams.

Every member of the hockey media will probably tell you that covering the Stanley Cup Finals for any team is a privilege. My dream, not to watch the Finals on TV, but watch them from the press box, as a member of the media. Covering the Finals is an experience and one that I never thought possible – covering them for my home team is just that much more unbelievable.

I’ll apologize ahead of time for being emotional and I’ll do my best to remain unbiased. But I wanted Pink Puck nation to know, it’s because of the continued success of the site and our growing fan base, that my dream will come true.


So, as I skate into my very first Stanley Cup Final as a member of the NHL media, I wanted to say thank you to each of our readers who support what we do.

At the end of the day, no matter who reigns supreme – it’s about doing what you love and I’m blessed to do just that. It isn’t just “because it’s the cup”, it’s because its a family, it’s because it’s a team…

Because it’s the greatest sport on earth, because it’s hockey.




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